It is 4 am right now..I should really get to bed but just wanted to say that I talked to Jeremy just now! A big shout out to the Maine Troop Greeters organization! Because of you I got to talk to my hubby for an entire hour almost! Thank you for taking care of our soldiers!

Jeremy flew out of Boeing Field around 10 and they landed in Maine 4 hours later. Now he is off to Germany, which he said will be about a 6 hour flight. He told me a couple of funny stories.

When they were at McChord AFB here in town, they were sitting around eating MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) and one of the guys walked over and sat down. The guy had like 4 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. All the guys looked at him like “dude! what’s up? where did you get those?” and he said “some lady over there is just handing them out”. So of course, all the guys get up to go see what is going on. There was a room the size of my living room apparently, that was full from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, of nothing but Girl Scout cookies and a lady was handing them out to the guys! HA! So Jeremy was quite thrilled with his “couple” of boxes of Somoas and Thin Mints!

When they were on the plane, they had their weapons with them and Jeremy said it was so funny hearing the flight attendants tell them how to situate their weapons. He said at one point they announced “If you have a large machine gun and need us to store it, we have a closet we can put it in” ha ha ha ha! Too weird to hear THAT on a plane! Parents, Jeremy had beef tips and veggies with a salad for dinner. So he’s well fed and well taken care of. He said that the flight was good and he slept pretty much the whole time.

When they got off the plane in Maine, Jeremy and a few guys were the first off. He said that as they were walking, several older gentlemen walked towards them saying “there they are!” and came up to them. They were wearing their Viet Nam hats, etc. They shook the guys hands and said thank you and told them where they could go and what was available.  I guess this group, the Maine Troop Greeters, had a little cell phone area set up with Verizon phones so that the guys could call home-for free! That is how Jeremy got to call and talk to me! YAY!

Jeremy let me know that he would try to talk to me again when he gets to Germany. So what is 6 hours from 4 am? 10 am? Ok..I’ve gotta be ready to catch him! Hopefully he can call.  I think they’ll be on an AFB over there, not at the commercial airport in Frankfurt or anything like that. I only sent Jeremy with one phone card and now I’m thinking that was so dumb! I hope he can buy more once he gets to a couple of those bases he’ll be at in this transition time. If you guys think of it, mail Jer a phone card! I think he might get to use them more than we thought. I’m holding out hope at least!

Ok, I need to get some sleep before it’s time to get up with the kids. Thanks for all your love and support everyone!


6 thoughts on “A Little News and a Couple Fun Stories…

  1. Mom thoughts to her daughter…don’t forget to take care of YOURSELF. Tiffany you are so strong and a great mother and I am so proud of you.

  2. Ha! Stephen hit the Maine troop support guys on his way home from Iraq. What a great group they are!
    I remember the feeling of NEVER wanting to miss a phone call. I always had my cell with me. I told my boss I’d be answering it no matter what was going on if it was Stephen. Somehow he always managed to call when I was in the bathroom. I wanted to just announce to the other people in the bathroom that I was talking to my fiance in Iraq. just so they wouldn’t think I was some strange lady who couldn’t put her phone down long enough to let them pee in quiet. One time he called in the middle of a presentation I was giving at work and I answered.
    When I would miss his call (which wasn’t often) I’d get an irritable voicemail, like “I just waited in line for the phone for four hours, and now you’re not here… grrrr. I guess I can’t blame him.
    I hope your skype works well and often. We didn’t have that and it would have been awesome!
    Today I pray for peace and freedom from anything to further complicate your life (car troubles, house troubles, etc.)

  3. I’m sorry you guys had a rough day yesterday, but I’m glad he’s being taken care of, and that you’ve gotten to talk to him! I’m praying for all of you!

  4. Tiff you MUST keep on top of caring for Tiffany. We know Jesus will carry and strenghten you but there is sensable action needed on your part…you’ll get there.

    I can only imagine the over whelming emotion you must be having, you will settle in and find your stride for this season..I’ll pray

  5. Hey zanmi mwen,
    Your last couple of posts made me cry – thanks for sharing so that we can know how to pray for you. Also, what a great idea to have care package suggestions! Dan and I are gonna put one together for Jeremy over the weekend. We love you and are praying for you, your boys, and your man.

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