We are in the midst of our “see-you-laters” right now. I’m trying to pick up the house just a tad so I can feel better about something. Right now, I just can’t stop doing stuff. I need to be moving and doing something at all times…otherwise, I cry. I’m glad for tears…it feels good to cry. But I don’t like to sit around crying too long or too much.

Just wanted to let you guys know we are ok and we’re working through tonight in preparation for tomorrow. Love you guys,

Tiff for the Nevil’s

7 thoughts on “Not Much to Say

  1. Tiff
    My heart is aching with you, not really knowing the depth of your emotion but can only imagine. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Jer, Cooper and Chase today…much love

  2. Right now it is 4:10 PM EST and my heart is breaking for you. I try to remember what it was like when Dad went to Viet Nam…I was only 13 at the time…if it were possible to take some of the pain of separation from you, I certainly would. Collette saw me in tears about an hour ago and asked if I was going to be ok…..I asked her “how do I know”…..I have never had a son on the other side of the globe before….never had a daughter-in-law aching like this before or grandsons that will be without dad for this long.
    I find comfort in your faith, Tiff. As a pastor, I should be encouraging you to stay strong, trust God to protect Jeremy and to concentrate on his return from Afghanistan… that is what I should be doing, but as a father who loves both of you so deeply, I can only tell you that I am here if you need me. That you are like a daughter to me and I am praying for you and more than willing to talk if you need to.
    I have never been more proud of Jeremy than I am to know that what he has wanted for so long has now been achieved. He is serving his country in the boots of his grandfather. At the same time, I wish my dad had been a teacher or a carpenter or something other than a soldier….then maybe Jeremy would only have to worry about wayward students or nasty splinters……oh well.

    As a parent, you want to protect your children from harm, physical and emotional. That is what I think of the most….even though you and Jeremy are past the age of childhood, it does not lessen my desire to protect both of you from times like these….it is a helpless feeling. Please be aware of how deeply you are loved, prayed for, missed and how much you are on my mind as well as Collette’s and all the others who love you so much.

    Dad Nevil

    1. Thank you so much Roy. I love you guys too and I am so thankful that I am not alone in this time. As much as I know Jeremy desired to serve his country…I’m right with you..nasty splinters and wayward students would be much easier to counsel him on! Love you both so much,
      Tiff and the boys

  3. Tiff,
    Oh how much you’re in my thoughts and prayers. I love you guys and pray for grace and peace in these days apart. Call anytime. I’d love to chat. Love you.

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