The FRG (Family Readiness Group) Meeting last night was pretty good. We didn’t stick around because we had a hungry baby who needed to eat, but the meeting did have a lot of good information. Most of which I can’t post here!  If you are a family member, you should have received an email from me last night. (And if you didn’t, send me an email at jesusgirl2 at yahoo dot com so that I have your address.) Friends, I’ll get one out to you shortly too.

The biggest thing is that the address I emailed out for Jeremy is now different! So if you have Jeremy’s address, there is a change in it. I’m not sure if both will work or not, but Jeremy says to use the one we got last night. I can’t post it here, but I will send an email out.

The meeting did tell us that it will take between 2 and 3 weeks for the guys to get a package. Because of this, I’m going to send Jeremy a package this Friday! I think it’ll be great for the package to get a head start so that he will have it shortly after getting there.

The Chaplain’s wife is starting a Beth Moore Bible study on Tuesday mornings for the next 12 weeks. I’m going to email her to see which one it is. The only thing is that it would interrupt my MOPs stuff this fall, so we shall see if I can make it. But the first one starts on the 21st, so I still think that would be a neat thing. My friends, Stephanie and Tara, and I are going to do a study called Hope for the Homefront; it was written by a Christian Army wife. We are excited to start that in September.

The meeting shed some light on the procedure for when we drop the guys off.  Jeremy got his orders yesterday spelling out which day he will be leaving. Last night they told us that 2-3 days prior we’ll know which flight he’ll be on. However, we were warned to be flexible because even within that day it could change several times. (It already happened to one of my friends.)

Basically, we’ll drop our soldier off at the company, then have some time to say our good byes, then we will be asked to say our final farewells and prepare to leave. The guys will then draw their weapons and get ready to head over to the air force base to catch their flight. We don’t get to go with them though, we’ll say our good byes there at company and then that’s it for us. While I’m sad we can’t go to the hanger with them and tell them good bye from the plane, I am glad their is a set ending time. There is nothing more heart wrenching than dragging such a deeply emotional time out for an endless amount of time.

Cooper’s birthday party is this Saturday, so we have a lot of things to do over the next couple of days. It’s almost bitter sweet that we are as busy as we are. I keep thinking that is a good thing because it keeps us moving rather than letting us be crippled with our emotions.  We still have rough moments. But we’re moving forward.

Thanks for all your prayers everyone! My mom sent me a package with all the printed prayer cards. I’ll be getting those out as soon as I get them! We got 300 printed and I was so excited to think of how powerful it would be to be able to say we have 300 people praying for Jeremy! WOW!


2 thoughts on “FRG Meeting

  1. tiff..we are praying for all of you. please add us to your list of prayer-ers and so forth. please know how much we care!!

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