…that I should really update my blog. I want to update my blog, really I do. And I want to say something interesting with video and pictures…but I just can’t think of one thing. It all seems kind of meaningless right now! So this is what will happen instead.

I know that sounds awful…but we are counting down days over here and Jeremy and I are fighting back our sadness. So we are eating anything and everything that sounds good to Jeremy. I told him at Costco the other day that since that was probably the last trip there, he could have whatever he wanted. He got Darigold Chocolate Milk; the stuff has 270 calories for an 8 oz serving. It looks like melted. chocolate. ice cream in the glass…gross, but whatever.

After church today, we went out to lunch. Usually I’m quite the penny pincher, but today I just didn’t want to go home. I figure you can eat at home any old day. Jeremy is convinced he’ll be eating MRE’s (meals ready to eat) for 3 months straight, so I don’t blame him. I encouraged him by getting Ben and Jerry’s for dessert tonight. 🙂

We had a really fun and special fourth of July. We ran all around town with the kids all weekend long. On Saturday, we enjoyed a nice morning at home then headed to the big party the Johnson’s have every year. It was a blast! I got to take Cooper out on the Seado on the lake. I was a little scared because I was worried about the both of us falling in the water. I’m cool with me falling off, but not so much with him falling off! We had a good time after about 5 times around the lake though. Cooper loved the fireworks and Chase went to bed like normal. Jeremy and I got to catch up with friends and just enjoy a great night. Thanks Johnson family!

Tomorrow, Jeremy has the day off and we have more little administrative things to do. Then Tuesday night we have an FRG meeting. I’m hoping the meeting has good information as it’ll be the last one before the guys leave. I’m sure they’ll be explaining what to expect. So maybe Tuesday night or Wednesday morning I’ll throw something up about that kind of stuff.

Oh! We made a big purchase this weekend too. We bought a camcorder! We didn’t have one and I was really wanting to get some video of Jeremy reading books so that the kids can watch them and read along while he’s gone.  I’m excited to have it and buying has given me some other fun ideas. I’m thinking of having a couple of videos for the kids so that when they are having a bad day, a sad day, an “I really miss Daddy” day, or if they’ve accomplished something then I have a video message of Jeremy saying something to them.

Well, my ice cream is calling. I’m going to go cuddle on the couch with my hubbs and watch some useless television! Catch ya later!


2 thoughts on “I’m Thinking, I’m Thinking…

  1. We were so glad you came! Too bad I missed your ride. Peter told me about it though. I hope you guys have some really great days together before he goes. I know it’s still poopy though.

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