Back when Cooper was a baby, I was so anxious to start him on solids that I started trying them on him as soon as he hit 4 months old. I’ve since read up on the issue and realized that I really should have waited until he was 6 months old.  I was excited to not have to rush Chase into solids because it is just one more thing in the day and I figured it would really be a challenge to nurse Chase and then give him cereal.

I tried to wait guys…really, I did! But he just wants food!

Opening wide to enjoy the first couple of bites
Opening wide to enjoy the first couple of bites

Here’s how it all started.

You’ve seen the video on my flickr site of Chase getting really excited while watching us eat dinner. No? Check it out here.

Well, on Sunday afternoon after church, Jer was enjoying a brewskie along with his tasty chicken tacos. He was holding Chase and finishing off said beverage when Chase very excitedly grabbed for the glass and began “talking” like crazy.  Jer called me over to watch Chase reach for Daddy’s glass and try to drink from it. I mentioned to Jer that Chase has also been getting excited when he sees me drinking out of my water bottle.

I finally just laughed and said, “ok, let’s try it”. I broke out the cereal and the breast milk, mixed up a tablespoon and tried it on him. He was thrilled to the kilt. It was so funny! He very excitedly opened his mouth as wide as a baby bird and he cried when it was all gone. So I gave him one more tablespoon. The video for that is up at the flickr site because you know…wordpress is annoying sometimes.

Here are a couple pictures of the event.

First tastes of cereal
First tastes of cereal
Mmmmmm cereal
Mmmmmm cereal

Today, I wasn’t sure if I should go ahead and introduce cereal into our day or if I should try and wait a little longer. But he was pretty verbal after I nursed him.  He wasn’t satisfied until I gave him cereal. So, 3 times today, he got a tablespoon or two of cereal.

Gosh, I just can’t believe he is this big! Is it really already time for solids? It seems like he is growing up so fast. I keep thinking when I cuddle with him at night before he goes to bed that I want him to just stop growing. But then when I see how fun Cooper is, I remember how fun it is as they get bigger.

If anything this just solidifies in my heart that I think I’ll need just one more baby….

We brought the exersaucer in the house today too and the doorway jumper last week; he loves them both! I can’t believe this sweet little baby is growing so very fast. Jeremy and I just keep saying, “no! he’s not this big!”

Two days old, first day home from the hospital. My how he's grown!
Two days old, first day home from the hospital. My how he's grown!

3 thoughts on “Chase’s First Cereal!

  1. Well, I tried cereal again today, but with formula this time (I’m out of bottles!). He wasn’t a fan. Took a couple bites and then acted like, “no thanks mom”. So I might pull back a bit-I’m in no rush!

  2. Hi Tiffany! I know Jeremy from ‘way back when’ and thought I’d comment to say what a beautiful family you have and that I’m praying for you during this time. I can’t imagine being away from my husband for a year. I’m encouraged to read of your love for the Lord and your heart to love and serve your husband and boys (Chase and Cooper are so cute!). Well, I’ll check your blog every so often to stay updated, but thought I’d start off by delurking :). Blessings to you! Jessica

    1. Hey Jessica,
      Thanks so much for your comment and your sweet thoughts. It’s always encouraging to see where life has taken us, isn’t it? Thanks for reading along our journey!

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