Starting last Friday, June 19, Jeremy had roughly 10 days off work. We were really thrilled to get this time because back in April (when we had a little over 2 weeks of leave time), we thought that was the only time off he would have before deployment. We weren’t totally sure what we wanted to do with this time; it was the ever-often spoken question of couples, “do we stay or do we go?”.  We had plenty of grown-up responsibilities to fulfill like cleaning out the garage and the filing cabinet, renewing our plates on the car, you know-fun stuff like that. So we tossed a couple ideas around throughout the weekend.

I think we finally discussed it and made a decision sometime on Sunday night! Now, this may not seem like a big deal, but it was a challenge for me to actually pull the trigger on this issue. I have a couple weird quirks about me. For starters,  I have an anxiety about spending large amounts of money. And for the sake of this discussion, large to me is defined as anything over $200.  I know that sounds dumb, but it is just an issue I have to work through. God has used it for good in my life too…I’m very cautious on big purchases.

The other thing that is rough for me is that much spontaneity. Um…I like what’s called “planned spontaneity” and yes, it’s a term I’ve coined just for myself. Meaning, we plan to have a chunk of time in our day/week/month where we will do whatever we feel like doing. Much outside that can bring on a little anxiety mostly because I don’t like being unprepared.

Anyway, we bit the bullet and decided to go to Seaside, OR for an overnight trip! We planned to leave on Tuesday morning, stay the night, play all day Wednesday and leave to come back home late that night. (The drive is a little over 3 hours.) Jeremy found a great deal on a hotel room in Seaside thanks to our good friends the Hendersons and we booked it! We were off!

Our Hotel in Seaside for the first night
Our Hotel in Seaside for the first night

We had a delightful drive thanks to the portable DVD player for Cooper. We actually got to talk all the way down without Cooper piping in his two cents every few seconds. Chase slept almost the whole way too. It was just a pleasant and lovely drive.

When we got in to Seaside, I freaked out. IT WAS SO AWESOME! I was overwhelmed with how nice our hotel was, how pretty the area was with all the cutsie shops and the beautiful sand beach RIGHT THERE, and how much there was to do there. I was so excited that I begged Jeremy to let us stay another night. This all happened before we ever got out of the car. 😀

Needless to say, we had a blast. I’m glad I overpacked all of us because that allowed us the extra day to stay and play. (Incidentally, I have another post that will be coming shortly regarding how to dress for the “beach” when you live in the PacNW. Stay tuned…) Additionally, since we stayed an extra day, we got to go to Cannon Beach! AH… of the pictures from that day will be the new header on my blog. It was just so gorgeous.

Standing in front of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach
Standing in front of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach

I don’t know what it is…just the way God made me I suppose, but I am so drawn to water. I love lakes, rivers and especially oceans. The ocean was so beautiful. It was just overwhelming how strong it was. Jeremy and I had to shout to talk to each other because the waves crashing onto the sand and rocks were so loud. I could listen and watch waves crash for hours – it is so enchanting to hear and see!

I’m loading the pictures and videos up on the Flickr site as I type this-so they should be up by the time this post is published.  You’ll probably have to go there for the play-by-play. And even though I felt like a major tourist snapping photos constantly, I don’t feel like the pictures I took even captured half of the fun we had!

This poor crab wasn't doing too good-he was caught in the waves and had been handled a bit...but he fulfilled Cooper's wish of finding a crab!
This poor crab wasn't doing too good-he was caught in the waves and had been handled a bit...but he fulfilled Cooper's wish of finding a crab!

We had a great time together as a family just enjoying the chance to be fun and spontaneous. I was ready to get home Wednesday afternoon, but it was so great to get away. I have lots of little stories, but I’ll save those for individual posts because this is already pretty long! Check out those pictures!

One thought on “The Nevils Got Outta Dodge!

  1. Isn’t it so beautiful there? Right there in front of haystack rock at sunset is where Allen proposed to me….a whole 12 years ago!! It is still just as beautiful.

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