As many of you who are on Facebook already know, my Grandfather passed away this past Friday morning after about a week of struggling with pneumonia.  He had been in poor health for quite a while but pulled through so many times before. I can’t say it was a surprise or shock, and yet it still had some elements of those things since he had recovered so many times before. All week long part of me kept expecting my mom to call me and tell me that my Popo had been released from the hospital and was at home and ok.

Cooper and my Popo this April
Cooper and my Popo this April

He struggled all week long and then passed at 8:05 am on Friday morning in St. Louis. My Mom and my Grammie said he was very comfortable and not in any pain. His memorial service is on Tuesday, 10 am at the Baue funeral home in Cave Springs, MO. I am going to stay here in Washington, just because of the timing of everything and the cost right now. With Jeremy’s deployment coming so soon it is very hard to get away.

Thank you to everyone who prayed for me and for him and my family. Your prayers were felt and much appreciated. I’m very grateful for the encouragement you guys have offered to me in this sad time.

This week was pretty emotional for me  with my Popo being so sick and on top of that, Jeremy’s upcoming deployment is weighing heavy on our hearts. We prayed last night about our talk with Cooper and just all of the things we are dealing with emotionally as this time gets oh so very close. We have 4 weeks left together as a family before he leaves and it seems like that is going to pass in the blink of an eye.

In the mean time, we have a lot of things to do as Jeremy prepares to get packed up and as we go through a list of things he needs before he goes. It’s sad times here in the Nevil house. But we are moving forward in great faith in the Lord.


2 thoughts on “It Was A Rough Week

  1. Tiff…I haven’t been on facebook so didn’t know. I’m so sorry, you are right, God is faithful and will be your real strength. Will be praying…much love to all

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