um, WordPress took away the option to upload videos. this is not fun. i have a cute video of Chase to post. be back soon …gotta work on this.


Ok, well, WordPress, if you are reading this, you guys stink. I would seriously consider going elsewhere for my blog if I haven’t been here so long. Hello, that’s why we have FREE blogs, so that we can keep in touch with people and show them videos. Sheesh… (I know, I’m cheap. But hey, I already pay for EVERYTHING else in my life.)

Anyway, I put everything up on Flickr (which I also pay for thankyouverymuch). There are some great videos of Chase being incredibly cute. Go check em out! Here’s some pictures (while WordPress still lets me put those on my blog for free….)!

Go to the flickr site for the cutsie videos!

Puyallup is Better…

K, today we went to the Farmers Market in Olympia. It was fun overall-we saw some friends from church (which we later remarked excitedly that we have now lived here long enough that we see people we know when we are out and about), I did buy a little sumthin-sumthin, and we enjoyed the atmosphere.

Let’s see some pics eh?

I think what I liked is that the Puyallup Market has the flower vendors, a yummy bakery, and just a bunch of vendors that have “stuff” like purses and jewelry and stuff that I mentioned in the last post.

But today was still fun times! We did go to a fun Antique shop down in Olympia. It was good times!

Now I’m off to enjoy my decaf coffee and my blueberry pie we bought today-oh yeah, and my hot hubs!