um, WordPress took away the option to upload videos. this is not fun. i have a cute video of Chase to post. be back soon …gotta work on this.


Ok, well, WordPress, if you are reading this, you guys stink. I would seriously consider going elsewhere for my blog if I haven’t been here so long. Hello, that’s why we have FREE blogs, so that we can keep in touch with people and show them videos. Sheesh… (I know, I’m cheap. But hey, I already pay for EVERYTHING else in my life.)

Anyway, I put everything up on Flickr (which I also pay for thankyouverymuch). There are some great videos of Chase being incredibly cute. Go check em out! Here’s some pictures (while WordPress still lets me put those on my blog for free….)!

Go to the flickr site for the cutsie videos!

4 thoughts on “Bummer-Updated

  1. we’ve moved over to imageshack for all our image stuff since Flickr started their charging business. Have you thought about maybe YouTube or Vimeo for uploading your videos? Both give you the HTML that you can embed in your posts?

    1. Hey J,

      I tried doing that…it didn’t work. It just posted the html rather than showing the video. I’m not computer-literate enough to know how to fix that…or what I did wrong. I copied and pasted right from you tube the html that was supposed to embed it….i dunno!

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