Last night there was an  informational deployment meeting at the movie theater here on post for Jer’s Battalion. The Col. was chatting with us about a lot of stuff we need to know to help us prepare our minds and hearts, set our expectations, etc. He gave us a lot of dates for the next couple weeks leading up to deployment and a lot of information regarding amenities and communication while the guys are gone.

The biggest thing to tell you guys is that this mission the guys are going on is a big deal. I think it really hit home for me last night when he was talking about the fact that Afghanistan borders Pakistan on the right and Iran on the left. WHEW. Not fun countries to border if you ask me. I knew that, but hearing him talk about it and show us where the guys will be and what they’ll be doing…it just hit me really hard.

I can’t really tell you guys much about the things discussed last night. It sounds funny and silly I know, but security is incredibly important; and I for one, want my husband and all my friends husband’s to stay as safe as they possibly can. I know I posted previously the date Jeremy would be leaving, however that is now removed from my blog.  I would appreciate it if you guys would keep that information to yourself (if you know or remember what I said) or at least be very vague if you discuss the topic with someone.

What I can tell you is that we were told communication with our guys will  most likely be incredibly poor while they are there. Due to how landlocked the country is, everything will be slow to occur (i.e. phone lines, internet connectivity, mail etc.).  Most likely, phone or internet capabilities are not even in existance for some of the places the guys will be and the Col. even told us that “snail mail” is going to have a whole new meaning, emphasis on the snail. I’m thinking that we’ll need to send stuff 2 or 3 months out if we want Jeremy to get it. But it could potentially be even longer.

I won’t be able to post Jeremy’s address until he sends me a letter telling me what it is or until the FRG perhaps lets me know. My guess is that Jeremy will have to be the first one to contact me via snail mail with his address. Once I have that I will be sure to send that to everyone so we can flood the guy with love and a sense of home.

Another thing the Col. told us is that there won’t be a lot of PX opportunities like there are in Iraq. This means that opportunities for Jeremy to get the necessities (deodorant, foot powder, shampoo, etc) as well as the fun stuff (munchy stuff and gifts) will be few and far between. So I know Jer will be counting on our love!

I am going to be preparing some prayer cards here in the next couple of weeks and I’m also going to throw a little evening together, probably at Track Side Pizza or something like that, so that we can pray over Jeremy and “officially” say ‘see you soon’.

I can tell you that the official ceremony for the brigade is on June 25th at 10 am. That’s the day we’ll do all the pomp and circumstance concerning this deployment.

Please pray for Jeremy and I as we get ready to talk to Cooper about this. We probably won’t discuss it until around June 20 or so.  My Parents as Teachers gal here on post is coming in two weeks to talk to me about how to do that and to bring me some materials that will help us as we talk to our sweet boy. Our emotions are really hard to keep in check as we move closer and closer. So please pray that we demonstrate a spirit of love, peace and trust to Cooper so that he is sure of our love for him and so that he knows everything will be ok.

I think that considering how quiet we are being asked to keep things, I’m going to have to move away from blog posts and start doing emails. So if you would like to be on the Nevil Army Stuff email list, please either leave a comment here or send me an email letting me know. My email address is jesusgirl2 at yahoo dot com.

Thanks for your prayers guys. We sure love you and hold you dear to our hearts.



6 thoughts on “Army StUff

  1. Well you know we wnat updates. Oh how we’re praying for you guys. I’ve got big ole tears in my eyes just thinking about these next few weeks for you. We love you and will be here anytime you need to chat. I know Cooper is a bit like Sloan so if you need any mommy support, call anytime. Love you guys…

  2. hey tiff….know we are praying for you all. i can’t even imagine. please add us to your e-mail update.
    i love your flowers. they are beautiful!!!!
    sending lots of love…

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