Ssshhhh……the house is sooo peaceful. The sun is pouring through the windows. Chase is on the floor laughing and cooing at his toys. The dishwasher is humming a methodical wash, the smell of coffee is wafting through the house and the washer machine is working out a base line for the dishwasher. Cooper is STILL sleeping. That never happens!


It’s funny how when Cooper wakes up, it seems like the day has officially started. I guess that’s just what almost 4 year olds do to ya! Yesterday, I wasted spent the day uploading pictures of our St. Louis trip to the flickr site . They are up and ready for your perusal, though I’ll have to give some little teasers here!

I’ll make that the next post though, so that this one won’t be so long. 😀

Have I mentioned how cute our squishy baby is lately?

Chase Hamming it Up
Chase Hamming it Up

One thought on “Quick Thoughts on the Morning

  1. Ahhhh, the sweet silence of babies sleeping. I just love it when I go to check that the baby monitor is still on…and it IS. Quiet. Love it. I currently have 3 babies under 2, and I totally relish the rare moments when their sleeps coincide. Though those moments are of course (as you would know) filled with filling the dishwasher, loading the washing machine, and generally restoring the state of the house. I also share the feeling about the day “officially” starting after the first morning nap, its is like “OKAY! Lets DO something with our day together!” Enjoy it.

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