Hello Monday and hello Washington! We are back in our second home state and the sun is ACTUALLY shining. We were thrilled to know we’ve come home to spring in full swing in Washington. It’s just lovely outside!

Our trip in St. Louis was really great. I tried a new gig this time-no planned schedule was created or kept. It was all willy-nilly as the breeze and the family and friends take us (and weather permitting). It worked out pretty good actually. I know I was less stressed than usual and felt a little less like we had a million people to connect with and apologize to for not connecting!

I have A LOT of pictures. Wow,…a lot. But the little cord for the digital camera is somewhere in someone’s luggage or floating around the house and I can’t seem to locate it right now. Those will come soon though.

First things first, my poor refridgerator. All I gotta say is thank you for peanut butter and canned fruit…’cause that’s all I’ve got. It’s been while since that fridge has been so empty. I’d show you a picture…but, well, see my previous statement. So I’ve gotta head to the store today. Which is a bummer cause both me and the kids would rather be playing outside on a day like today!

Check back often this week for those pics and updates and thank you everyone for all the fun we had in St. Louis. We love you all and miss you very much.

So anyway, we are back. I’ll get pictures up and stories out throughout the week so check back often!


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