Hey everyone! Well our St. Louis trip is off to a great start. We are having a lot of fun bee-bopping around town with everyone. So far we have even crossed off several of the things on our bucket list: we’ve gone to the Magic House (such a cool place and LOVED the new wing), to the Butterfly House…though, we didn’t go in-so I guess we just went to Faust Park. We have gone to Texas Roadhouse, Cracker Barrell and First Watch.

This week we plan to hit the zoo, hopefully on Thursday. If you are in St. Louis and don’t have plans, come and join us! I think we’ll do a girls play date with the kiddos on Wednesday afternoon for all you ladies.

The kids were perfect angels on the way here-we even had people come up to us and compliment us on how great they were the whole way here once we got to St. Louis. I guess it helps when you don’t have to wait around in the airport for 8 hours! HA!

More updates as time allows-it was great seeing everyone on Sunday at EFREE!


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