“Vacation, happy to get away!” Sing it with me 80’s music lovers! YAY!Tomorrow afternoon, we leave for St. Louis for our 2-week, pre-deployment leave/vaca. It will be bitter sweet considering this is the last time people will see Jeremy before he gets deployed, but we are really looking forward to going home and enjoying a little sunshine and family love. We get into town around 11:30 pm tomorrow night, but apparently, that’s just in time for the weather to improve in the Lou.

Here in Washington, it’s a BEAUTIFUL 70 degrees and tomorrow will be almost as lovely. Driving down I-5 this morning, with the sunroof open and the windows down no less,  got me thinking about our trip. So here are some things I’m looking forward to doing/going. (Oh…a lot involve food, but hey, I’m a foodie…)

The St. Louis Zoo
The City Museum
The Childrens Garden at the Missouri Botanical Gardens
The newly expanded Magic House
Cracker Barrel
Charlottes Rib
First Watch
Texas Road House
Spencers -that pancake place in Kirkwood
Ted Drewes (this place is so awesome, it even has a wikipedia site!)
Imo’s or Cecil Whitakers Pizza, I’ll take either
Bandanas BBQ
The Butterfly House!
Mimi’s! for some zucchini sticks!

And that’s all I can think of right now. I’m also looking forward to getting together with my girlfriends for a dinner at Cheesecake Factory, as is our custom! What works girls? (And can we walk around the mall afterwards?)We gotta get an email going around…

Since we’ll be home for Easter, I am THRILLED to get to see my beautiful nieces in all their abundant cuteness.

Ashlynn and Cooper last July
Ashlynn and Cooper last July
Our Sweet Niece, Cora in '07
Our Sweet Niece, Cora in '07

I need some updated pics of both girls, so I’ll be sure and snap lots of them while we are home. (And this time, let’s NOT lose the stink’in camera Tiff!)

It’ll probably get pretty boring around here at QGRS until I get back, but I’ll see if I can’t sneak a post in of at least some pictures. BYE!!

Oh yeah, and GO CARDS!

Our Cardinals Fan
Our Cardinals Fan

2 thoughts on ““Vacation, All I Ever Wanted….”

  1. I’m jealous you get to go to the Cracker Barrel . . LOVE that place! I’ve always said that they need one out here . . . maybe in Ellensburg or Cle Elum or something? (It seems like they are all somewhere in the middle of nowhere on a freeway). Eat some pancakes with apples on them for me or some fried okra!

  2. I can’t WAIT for you to be here. You’re on your way right. now! WAHOO. And I am ready to go to Cheesecake Factory pretty much any time. If you guys head to the Zoo and want some company, let me know. We’re needing a Zoo trip ourselves. Love you!

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