Oh my gosh it’s April? How did that happen? I will admit that it’s nice to know we are careening (I love that word) towards good weather. I keep reminding myself of that…despite the fact that it keeps SNOWING here. 😀 Though, have you Washingtonites SEEN the weather forcast for the next couple of days? Let me share with you:

Today: high of 47 and cloudy with showers and wind (BLAH!)
Friday:  high of 47 and only partly cloudy (pssttt…this means partly SUNNY too!)
Saturday:  high of 57 and partly cloudy (partly sunny)
Sunday: high of 63 and mostly cloudy
Monday: high of 63 and mostly cloudy
Tuesday:  high of 60 and partly cloudy (partly sunny)

YAY! Then we switch zones and head to St. Louis on Wednesday and so…we get to at least stay in the 60’s. Jeremy and I are hoping the weather here continues to improve while we’re gone so we can skip the icky stuff.

I know conversations on the weather are generally deemed to be something “old” people sit around discussing in length (and I’m 30 now so that works…), but since I’ve moved here, the weather has become VERY important to me.

Jeremy teases me that I get my power from the sun (like superman, Wall-E, etc).  He’s really kind of right though. As a kid, I enjoyed laying in the driveway in the sun because the house was so stink’in cold! And after the dreary winter months of rain, rain, and more rain (though this year it was more like snow, snow, rain, rain, snow/rain, he he he) it’s nice to get a little sunshine.

This Saturday is a great day for some nice weather too; because we are going downtown to Tacoma for the Daffodil Parade! I’ve never been, but I’ve heard it’s a big deal down here in the South Sound. We haven’t had a lot of fun pictures of late because we haven’t really done anything fun or gone anywhere since Chase was born, so I’m excited to get out and do something – in the sunshine no less!

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