I feel like posting, but I don’t have only one thing on my mind. I swear it’s like a big pile of spaghetti in there tonight. So, instead, how about a random post about all the noodles in my mind? This could be fun! Think of it as a weeks worth of Facebook status updates….

  • I love Easter because I love that Jesus died and rose from the dead so that I could be alive in Him. However, I also love Easter because that’s when all the good candy comes out. Case in point, Cadberry dark chocolate hard shell eggs and Reeses peanut butter hard shell eggs. Fabulous…
  • I had a thought today while reading my Bible-this is a serious question by the way. Why don’t Jewish people still sacrifice animals in accordance with the Law? Anybody know?
  • Speaking of Facebook, Real Simple has an article on the subject. The author has an interesting perspective on it….
  • I am so sick of rain…honestly and truely I could use some warmth and some sun. I’m praying St. Louis is going to come through for me from the 7th-19th!
  • I bought flowers and a bird feeder tonight at Wally World to usher in spring…even if the PacNW is stalling on the season (it snowed off and on today!). I can’t WAIT to plant some fun things and get pretty things growing again! I bought white peonies, a bunch of oriental poppy seeds, lupine seeds and some of those red hot poker seeds.
  • My hubby is working tonight…again. I shouldn’t complain, really I know in my heart I shouldn’t. I’ve had him all the time for the past 9 months and it has been fabulous. Though all this practice of having him gone makes me see what it’ll be like when he is REALLY gone on deployment. BLAH!
  • Jeremy’s Dad sent us a note today that his sister (Jeremy’s Aunt) has cancer. This is one in a long line of cancer patients on his side of the family. I’ve lost count on how many Nevil’s have been diagnosed and passed just since I’ve married Jer. It worries me-a lot.
  • (Caution…this is a plug) I am so thankful that I’ve stumbled upon Juice Plus+.  I am a distributor and if you are looking for ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet, then talk with me about this awesome product. Also, all new customers can get the children’s vitamins for free for up to three years!
  • I love squishy babies.
  • We are going to be in St. Louis from April 7-April 19. We are working on an Open House that second week, around the 16, 17 or 18th. Just a way for people to visit with Jeremy before his deployment this June. Keep an eye open on FB and here for info.  We are just now starting to think about this!
  • Chase has two nicknames of late; “Chase-y-bud” and “Chaz”. I think both are incredibly cute…though I’m biased. He found his hand this past week and it is really cute to watch him try to catch it as it goes past his face. It’s even cuter when he has caught it and then finds his thumb!
  • Last night, Chase slept from 10 pm-3:30 am! WOOT!
  • Jeremy and I have deemed the Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliet song “Lucky” our deployment song…it just works. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Just a Brain Dump…

  1. I love your randomness! My response:
    1. I really have no idea why Jewish people don’t still live by the Old Testament laws. If you find out, let me know because now I’m curious, too.
    2. All I have to say about the rain and “gunk” is: seriously. Enough is enough.
    3. I want to know more about your juice thing. Clara is on a fruit strike, and, subsequently is having constipation problems. What 14 month old doesn’t want fruit? Weird kid. Anyway, I’m looking for new ways to get it into her, and veggies, too, since she has gotten away from those, too.
    4. Love Colbie Calliet. Love. Her. 🙂

  2. I am still trying to think about it but if I reason that sacrifices occurred in the temples and there are no more temples, that could be one reason? Over time maybe the temples were replaced with synagogues? I have to admit I don’t really know anyone that is a devout practicing Jew but I wish I did, I think it is a great question.

  3. Girl, I’m just impressed that you were reading your Bible today. Also, I wish I could trade some of our sun for some of your showers (though, our sun comes with truckloads of wind these days, so it might be a bad deal for you still.)

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