Yesterday, Chase turned one month old! WOW! The time has just flown by so quickly. He’s such a cutie and is doing very well. I really think he looks like his daddy. In fact, he has the same birthmarks on his eyelids as Jeremy.

Here are a few pictures of late. I’ve got more up over at the flickr site!

Chase at Bath Time
Chase at Bath Time

Chase loves his bath. In fact, it is almost comical to see the look of total contentment on his face while he is in there. He’s as limp as a noodle!

Chase in his bath

I picked this outfit up at Old Navy last weekend and he just looks so darn cute in it!

Chase in his chair
Chase in his chair

He is so squishy and cuddly! Anyway, Chase and Cooper are also doing quite well together. Coop gets a little annoyed when Chase starts to cry. He’ll inform us that Chase is “freakin’ out”. 

Big Brother Time
Big Brother Time


Cooper is very helpful and very loving toward Chase. It is awfully cute to witness!

Chase has started to coo just a tad. We’ve gotten a few smiles, but I’m not totally sold that they aren’t milk or poop smiles. Regardless, they are super cute and tickle us right down to our toes when we get them. I can’t wait for the real thing!

Ok, I gotta run. There are so not enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I need to or think I need to do. It’s just crazy how fast the day goes. Does anyone know where I can buy some extra time? What? This Sunday I loose another hour of sleep? You gotta be kidding! Ha ha ha ha!


3 thoughts on “One Month Has Passed Already?

  1. Tiff,
    He is too cute! Amazing how time flies. That’s too funny that Cooper tells you he’s freaking out! My kids always tell me that Caroline’s crying…just in case I can’t hear her!

  2. He’s BEAUTIFUL! If it’s okay to say that about a boy…you know I think it is.

    It’s good to share just a moment of time with your family…love to all

  3. This much cuteness should be illegal. I love the pic of Cooper and Chase together.

    Ahhhh! I know what you mean about Sunday…. I’m dreading it already 🙂

    love you lady!

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