We are home! I’m currently uploading pictures on our flickr site. I don’t think I’ll be describing all 100+ of them tonight though! But click on over there for some video and some pictures. (I promise it’s all G-rated.) I’ll tell the story soon, but for now, here’s just the quick info on little Chase.

Our sweet Chase
Our sweet Chase

I went into labor at midnight on Tuesday, February 3. By 5:15 am, I had a successful VBAC and a BEAUTIFUL baby boy. Chase Evan was 20 and 1/4 inches long, weighed 7 lbs, 9oz and had a full head of dark hair. I went totally natural and I feel like super woman! (This is where I imagine myself with a cape flowing in the wind and music playing behind me as I stand with my hands on my hips.)

He he he he he…we are home now, which is really nice. I’m going to go enjoy my little family now for a bit and I’ll try and get the big story up soon!  Thanks for all your phone calls and encouraging messages! I love you guys! And special thanks to Crystal and my hubbie-you guys got me through it all!


11 thoughts on “Home and Full of Bliss

  1. You ROCK my friend. I’m so proud of you and so GLAD that you got to have the experience you wanted. Enjoy your bundle. He is just so cute. Love you!!!!

  2. Yeah Tiff! I was with Dan when he got Jeremy’s text on Tuesday and the first thing I asked, after shouting a hurrah, was if you were able to go natural like you’d wanted. I’m so glad you were! Way to go, having another adorable stud of a kid 🙂

  3. Congardulations Tiffany! (Hi to Cooper – my old buddy) I am so happy for you and Jeremy and Cooper. May God bless your family greatly! I do miss you guys.

  4. Awesome! I’m so glad everything went smoothly. I forget when your due date was – did he arrive early? He’s a very handsome little man. Get some rest!

  5. tiffany….so sweet! i LOVE all of your pics. that is awesome that you had a VBAC. i’m hoping to be able to have a VBAC with this little one. my dr. is willing, so we’ll have to see how my pregnancy goes. 🙂 looking forward to hearing your whole story. 🙂 congrats again!!!

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