Ok mommies. I’m due this week and my brain is permanently affixed on giving birth.  I’m hoping to do the VBAC and I’m hoping to go natural. If Kelli Stuart and Jamie Hartke and all you other girls can do it (a lot) then I hope I can do it too!

So, got any advice? Stuff you wish you would’ve known, thought of, planned for ahead of time?

8 thoughts on “YIKES! Giving Birth…

  1. Hey Tiff, Read your title off my Aggregator and thought you were going into labor. Again. You’ve got to stop doing that….. Just make sure that Jer doesn’t leave you to get a Mr. Dew when the nurse tells you that you’re being denied the VBAC… I feel pretty bad about that one….

  2. Don’t get me scared like that! With the title of this post, I thought it was happening now !
    On the other hand, I can’t help you at all with the natural birth thing, I had, as Debbie Isom put it, zipper babies. (all c-sections) The only thing I can say, as a nurse, is don’t get yourself so dead set on a vbac, that if it doesn’t work, you end up disapointed with yourself. I hope and pray you are able to deliver vaginally, but if not, you still end up with a beautiful healthy baby either way.

  3. Hi Tiffany!
    I’m so excited for you and Jeremy! What a blessing this little one will be to you!
    Here’s my advice, after having 5 babies naturally (no meds) and one with an epidural. The epidural was child #4 and I found that it only prolonged my labor because I couldn’t feel enough to push.That being said-do what you need to do and don’t feel guilty!
    #1Write down a favorite scripture verse that will bring you comfort and is simple enough to recite and tape it to the wall . While you’re in the midst of a hard contraction-repeat it over and over. ( I used Isaiah:26:3-KJV-Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee ; because he trusteth in thee.- and personalize-“You will keep Tiffany in perfect peace when her mind is stayed on you-because she trusts in you.”
    The verse was just a constant reminder to me that God was in control- esp. when I was afraid I might lose control- 🙂 !
    #2-Find a focal point during the contraction and concentrate on your verse-be very intentional and don’t get distracted- : ) have Jeremy, rub your back or hold your hand :))
    #3-Breathe-through the contraction-the old Lamaze breathing really helped me.
    #4-Relax and try not to tense up before the contraction begins.. and remind yourself that this too will pass – in the end you get a baby! 🙂
    #5-Know that when you think you cannot go one more round of contractions and you feel like screaming at the Dr., your husband, or anyone else that might try to talk or touch you – take heart ! You’re probably in transition and delivery is near! God bless! We love you guys!

  4. Girl, the thing I’ve probably noticed the most through the years is that your body knows what it’s doing. God designed us to have babies:) And, when you think the pain in too much, your close to being done. I love you girl and can’t wait to meet Chase!

  5. Natural Childbirth is not a contest. It is not a badge of motherhood to display for all to see. No one awards you extra points for “doing it the right way”. Most people who meet Chase will never know any of the details of his birth, including which opening (natural or man made, hehehe) he exited from. That being said, of course there are reasons to encourage your body to perform what it was designed to do. But there is much to focus on, accomplish and pay attention to in the time leading up to the moment of “exit strategy decision” and much will happen afterward. Don’t make your day’s focus on the method lest you lose sight of your true goal for the day: Healthy mom and healty baby.

    Love you, praying for you!

  6. What halped me was having my birth plan written out. I gave it to the nurses as soon as they strapped the monitor on me. We talked it through and made sure we were on the same page. It’s also a good idea to talk through it with your doc if you have time. People who come in with birth plans and a plan to go natural kind of freak nurses out. They’re afraid we’re gonna be all psycho, don’t-touch-me people. Just let them know that you respect their knowledge of the birthing process and really want their help in this. Involve them!

    Also, have a very open mind. While I always went in with the mindset that I was going to do it natural, I was also very aware that sometimes it’s not up to you and you have to be willing to concede if that’s waht needs to be done. This will also get the nurses on your good side. If they know that you’re not going to argue with them in a time of crises they’ll want to work with you more.

    Just know that while yes, it hurts quite a lot, once the baby comes out, the pain stops. Keep that in mind. Let that be your goal. Also know that at the end of the day, all that matters is that you and the baby are healthy. It doesn’t really matter how he got here, just that he’s in your arms, safe and sound. You can do it!

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