Tonight, Jeremy and I are going on a long-overdue date night. This is something we made a point of doing right before Cooper was born, so we figured it only made sense to do it before Chase comes. We’ve got a babysitter and everything…wow. (We do not do the date thing nearly as often as we should so that’s a big deal.)

Trouble is, we are so out of practice that we aren’t sure what to do. Same o’, same o’ seems to work though. Dinner and a movie. A bunch of friends are salsa dancing late tonight so we might stop by and laugh at everyone for a bit. Anyway, it’ll be so nice to have a meal together without being constantly interrupted by toddler chatter. I can only imagine the quiet car ride.  What is a car ride without 10,000 questions from the little voice in the back?


We had a great time on our date night! We went and saw “Paul Blart, Mall Cop” (funny stuff!) and we had a yummy dinner at Jake’s in Steilacoom. We also attempted to go salsa dancing with some friends…but, it didn’t go as planned. We know basic steps though and everyone ended up at our house for some fun times. It was like old times…BK (before kids)! Ha ha haha!

3 thoughts on “Date Night!

  1. did you eat in 10 minutes? that’s what always ends up happening to us since we are so used to eating fast now! Glad you guys got to go out! 🙂

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