Well, today I had my doc appointment, and at first, it was not going well. The doc was ready to schedule me for a c-section. I said no. 🙂 The long and short of it is that she brought the ultrasound machine in to double check and Chase’s head IS DOWN!! And he is turned the correct way and everything!

It’s my own little miracle you guys. I’m serious. Our insurance won’t cover any other options like acupuncture, acupressure or a chiropracter even and on top of that because I had a ceasarean with Cooper, they wouldn’t even let me try a version apparently. I was running out of options fast. In fact, my options were basically try doing handstands in a pool (no, I’m not kidding, the doc said that) as well as some other things I’ve been doing already.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I can just not worry. I can let the natural progress of things happen! I came home from this appointment today and took a much needed nap because I was feeling such relief and release! Ahhhh…..

So thank you to everyone who encouraged me, prayed for me and with me and for all those who surrounded me with love! I so apprecaite it.  Now all we can do is just wait for Chase to be ready! YAY!


6 thoughts on “An Answer to Prayer

  1. Wow, Tiff! That’s amazing. The visual of you doing a handstand in a pool at this point in pregnancy had me cracking up 🙂

  2. Yeah, so thankful. With that answer it seems God is giving you permission to go for a natural brith. It is great to rest in Him! Keep us posted when Chase is on the way. Much love

  3. Hurrah and praise the Lord! I’m praying for you as you finish out the next few weeks and your little guy makes his grand entrance. Love you Lady!

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