Last week, my beloved purse broke. I was at Joe’s Sporting Goods store checking out their sweet deals on shoes with my hubby and all the sudden, my purse fell to the floor. One of the straps on the purse busted and is beyond repair.  I was so sad. I loved that purse. It was nothing fancy…just a Target purse. But I really, really liked it-it was just the right size, was a cute style, my wallet matched it, it had great pockets and it was pretty.

I’ve since dug up a previous purse from Ann Taylor Loft to hold me over. It’s a good purse…but you know, when one breaks, you almost are REQUIRED to go and buy a new purse, right? (Jeremy does not appreciate this idea.)

I have a Kohl’s gift card I got for Christmas (thank you Grandma Nevil!), so I was checking out purses on line. SO CUTE!

Nine & Co. Urban Chic Floral Tote

Candie's Piped Faux-Leather Satchel

Rosetti East-West Logo Tote

I can’t wait to sneek away to check out what they have in the store. If it’s anything like what they have on line, I’m sold. But this leads me to a question I’ve had for a while. Is the BIG purse the in thing now?

I sheepishly admit that I’m not the hippest mom around town. I generally like a smaller to medium size purse with lots of pockets because if I get a big purse, everything falls to the bottom and then I’m searching endlessly for my keys or my cell phone. Or even worse, my husband has to look for something in my purse and is appalled at it’s dark depths. GASP! Poor guy.

Plus, there’s the whole dilemma with the new baby and diaper bag thing. I don’t like to have my diaper bag as my purse because then when I go someplace (i.e. the Y or MOPs) and have to give my diaper bag to an attendant or helper, then I am also giving up my purse.  But if I get a little bit bigger of a purse, I can always downsize on the diaper bag and just shove a few things into the big purse…hhmmmmmm….

So what do you gals with 2 kiddos do? Do you carry both? Leave stuff in the car? Or just accept that you are now a Sherpa?


7 thoughts on “Purses and Diaper Bags

  1. I just bought a new purse (at Kohls actually!) and it’s bigger than I usually carry. And I like it fine…I bought it more b/c it was stylish than practical.

    I don’t often take my diaper bag in with me except to a friend’s house, church, or something like that. At the mall i just throw a diaper and wipes in the bottom of the stroller b/c my stroller isn’t big enough.

  2. I have been carrying both when I go somewhere since they need so much “stuff” when they are tiny, but my friend made me a super cute wipes & diaper case (it holds a travel size wipes container, and a couple of diapers). Now that Caroline is a little bit bigger, I just stick that in my purse!

  3. You are too funny. I wish that was the biggest thing troubling me right now! I’m sure you will make a good decision. Love you!

  4. Diaper bags are really essential and are designed to make our life much more easier and nowadays moms can buy fashion ones, which is really good!

    I don’t agree when people say it is a wast of money. Definitely not, it is very useful for sure.

    1. Hmmm…I don’t recall saying it is a waste of money, but I do agree that there are some seriously cute diaper bags out there. I WILL however vote that diaper bags for BOYS would be so nice. Baby girls get all the fun stuff! Boys are cool too and need accessories!

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