No matter whether we are in St. Louis or here in Washington, there’s no place like home. It’s strange though, having 2 homes,  almost like having 2 worlds.  It was so fun when the wheels of the plane touched down in St. Louis.  We were giddy with excitement. And when the wheels of the plane touched down in Washington, we were relieved and excited to be coming home.

This Christmas we enjoyed our St. Louis home so much. It was too long to be gone in 2008; that was our first and last visit home since Christmas of 2007.  We are planning on 2009 being a much different story.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped us out in so many ways. Mom, thanks for letting us have free reign of your car, Mr. Peepers. Friends, we are so sorry that there just wasn’t more time to be with you all and visit with you. For the people we saw; it was so wonderful to be with you and to feel, in many ways, like we’d never left. For the people we didn’t see, we hope to see you this spring or summer!

To our families, thanks so much for your help getting home, for your hospitality and love and for all the great times together while we were home! We miss you already.

Alas, I don’t have any pictures to share of our trip because I lost our digital camera. I’m very upset about it and still trying to locate it. But I think it fell out of my purse in a parking lot. So that makes locating it difficult. I’ll update my blog more in the coming days with info on all we did and all that happened while we were home for vacation. In the mean time, we are relaxing and catching up this weekend with one another.

Happy New Year everyone!

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