After a really long day on Sunday, we made it to St. Louis in the wee hours of the morning on Monday. I think we were in bed by 2:30 am! The SEATAC airport was every bit the madhouse the news says it is/was.  People were stranded, sleeping in random corners on the floor and just a bit on edge. 

Our plane was scheduled to take off at 12:50 pm. It was late, which we knew it would be. But by 3:00 pm we were on the plane as it was getting de-iced. We were up in the air by 4:00 pm. WHEW! Just as we were  boarding, the intercom was announcing that all Continental and Alaskan flights were cancelled for the remainder of the day. I think those prayers everyone was lifting up are what got us off the ground! Thank you so much!

We had no idea however, once we were in the air, how we were going to get from Kansas City to St. Louis. We had missed our connecting flight long ago. The stewardess and the captain didn’t even know what to tell us. So we disembarked wondering if we would be renting a car and driving for a couple of hours. Well, as we were getting off that plane, a guy was shouting at the people coming down the gate that if they were trying to get to St. Louis they needed to catch the plane that was leaving NOW to Chicago. So we booked it down a couple of gates and immediately boarded a plane to Chicago. By this time we were all hungry and tired. But to Chicago we went! (And no….Cooper was not sleeping.)

We made it to Chicago and had just enough time to grab a sandwhich and take a bathroom break before we were on another plane to St. Louis. By now Cooper was way past the verge and was approaching meltdown. Luckily, the plane was almost completely empty; there were maybe 10 of us on the flight.  So when they turned out the cabin lights, we all cuddled together and rested (though Cooper refused to actually sleep). When we got to St. Louis….we had no luggage. 🙂 Nellie. But, we were home and it was Christmas so we just crashed!

I think we just power-slept that night. We woke up around 8 or 8:30 am in a kind of blurry haze. We did finally get our luggage that evening. The airline brought it to us! So that was nice not to have to travel back to the airport. All we are out from this trip now is a cheapo umbrella stroller. We are so thankful to have made it here!

Thus far, we’ve pretty much just hung low and recooped from the travails of our travel. We did a little more Christmas shopping and tonight we have Christmas Eve services at church and dinner with Jer’s fam. We’re so excited for tomorrow! YAY Christmas!

I hope all of you got to your destinations safely and for all of you in Washington, I’m so jealous of the snow! It’s sunny and dry here – but snow makes it really feel like Christmas.  More to come in the next couple days and I promise pictures too!


One thought on “I Almost Can’t Believe We Made It!

  1. It was a wonderful treat to see you for a few seconds at church! You’re such a gorgeous pregnant lady, I can’t believe you’re due in only a few short weeks!! 🙂 We’ll be praying for safe travels back home and an enjoyable visit while you’re here.

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