Here in Washington, I always joke that nobody knows what it is like to have a real snowfall. Well, I’ve had to eat my words all week here! We’ve just been hammered with snow all week long. It’s hampered our plans over and over again as the roads get more and more packed with snow and ice with each passing day and each passing snow storm.

It’s been so cold too, that the snow isn’t melting. So it’s layer after layer of snow and ice. There is a solid 6 inches of snow out on the street right now. And that’s just the fresh stuff that has fallen tonight…

The city has snow plows…just not very many of them. And while the highways will most likely get a visit from the snow plow, the sidestreets and neighborhoods, businesses, etc. will probably NEVER see one.  It’s weird being from the midwest and knowing how even local businesses have  a contract with some guy who has a snow plow that will take care of the parking lot and salt the walkways, etc. Not here.

Today we were in Lacey and it was hilarious to see how incredibly icy the entire parking lot was. I felt awful for the little old ladies and men who were very gingerly making their way across the ice. But I was waddling right with them!

Tonight, our biggest concern is getting out of dodge tomorrow afternoon. We have a flight taking us to St. Louis around 1 pm, but just to be on the safe side, we are leaving our house at 8 am. Thankfully it is a Sunday and we aren’t trying to get out on a normal week day. That would have been a nightmare with traffic. I’ve checked the SeaTac airport’s website and they say that flights are getting out. I checked our flight (just in case) and it still says it’s considered on time. But a lot can change. Our church has already let us know that they are cancelled for tomorrow.

We are praying that the night will give the snow plows a chance to clear the highways enough for us to make it safely to the airport. And we are hoping that our flight can get off the ground on time or close to it. But we are also incredibly thankful for a vehicle with 4-wheel drive! (And an awesome friend who is driving us to the airport tomorrow morning! Thanks Rande!)

So if you happen by this post tonight or tomorrow, would you lift up a prayer on our behalf? Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

In the mean time, the snow is SO PRETTY!

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