I have a moment, or at least I’m taking one, because I know my poor blog will be much neglected in the next couple of weeks! Christmas is only 10 days away! 10! Can you believe it?

This weekend, we leave for St. Louis and the week is already jam-packed with things to do before we go. And then, when we get back, it’s full-swing into preparing for little Chase’s arrival.

I just hit that time that pregos hit in the 8th month, the time where your hormones kick in and you start nesting and going crazy in your head over all the things you’ve gotta do before the baby arrives. I feel like it is so soon and yet I’m looking forward to the break over Christmas to just relax a little. Like the calm before the storm.  I won’t be home so technically I CAN’T freak out about baby stuff. Or at least I can’t do anything about it if I do.  Pray for my husband come January though…he he he…

We did get the crib up this past weekend. And we got his closet all cleaned out. It’s starting to look like a baby is coming and not like my collection of books and clothes and wrapping paper that were housed there previously. We even registered for a couple little fun things.

I’ve gotta say though, as I was getting out the wipes warmer, the diaper genie, the bjorn and washing those little sheets and blankets, I had the distinct feeling that I’ve done this before. That may sound akward, but it was just this weird feeling that I have already done this-I have a potty trained and fully operational kiddo…do I realize I’m starting all over from square one?

I’ve gotta buy diapers in January. I’ve gotta change diapers in February.  I’m going to be peed on, pooped on, thrown up on, etc. This is weird. I know I’ll love it (the other stuff I mean, like the cooing and the smiles and the teeny-tinyness of his little nose) and it’ll all fade to grey when Chase is here. In the mean time, it is so weird to stop and think about what is about to happen in the Nevil household! Our last Christmas as a family of three.

I am excited about it too-just more nervous than anything else. Pregnancy the second time around is very different. I can only imagine how being a mom the second time around will change me even more!

Cooper about 2 minutes after birth!
Cooper about 2 minutes after birth!

2 thoughts on “Eighth Month Into Pregnancy Thougths

  1. Oh my goodness, what a cute picture!! We can’t wait to meet Chase. By the way, your registry stuff was so cute!! Did they give you any “I registered at Babies R Us cards?” Love ya girl!

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