On Wednesday, some friends and their kiddos came over for a decorating extravaganza! I have never made/decorated a gingerbread house before (at least not that I remember) and neither has Cooper. So it was a fun thing for us to do together-though a  little crazy.

Cooper working on his house
Cooper working on his house
The workers
The workers

I knew the kids would want to eat the candy as they put it on their houses (and so did I), but somehow, we managed to limit the candy consumption on all our parts! The mommies got to enjoy a yummy brunch together, the kids got to do their houses and watch a movie and play! We all win! YAY!

All of us with our finished houses
All of us with our finished houses

And here’s a close up of Coop’s house.

The Finished Product
The Finished Product

You can’t tell….but there is a tree missing in the picture…after such a crazy day, mommy needed a cookie. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Our First Gingerbread House

  1. Awsome! What beautiful houses you made. Our tradition…only two years old…is to make a gingerbread house on Thanksgiving afternoon. By the way…it’s okay to nibble a little. Sending love and peppermint kisses, Lou

  2. We made our first ever gingerbread house yesterday too. It was a good time and it’s already half eaten. Tia cannot keep her little fingers from digging in! Good times. I can’t WAIT to see you next week. I’m so excited. Love you much!

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