Mommy's "Mad" Face taken by Cooper
Mommy's "Mad" Face taken by Cooper

Many of you have heard the woes of my washer and dryer. (Notice it in the back ground of this picture.) It’s a never ending saga I’m pretty sure. But at least I can generally laugh about it these days.  Tonight, we experienced yet another chapter in said saga. I call this the 41 cent repair job-’cause yup, we got paid for it…sorta.

As the story goes, my washer (being as dumb as possible) was not built with a filter in it. Thank you Maytag. Most washers these days have a little filter that goes over the drain pipe so that items stuck in the wash don’t get stuck in the hose or some place else. Nope…not my washer. No filter…Sure I check pockets. But seriously….a little spare change is bound to slip by even me.

Did I mention that it just so happens the drain hose is the exact circumference of a nickel?

Well, the other day I mentioned to my dear sweet hubby that the washer was making a funny noise and I had an inkling it was the drain pipe again. Something was stuck in it and he may want to take a look. That’s not an easy job though…since my machines are stackable and front loading. You’ve got to move the microwave cart, trash can and cleaning cart, take the dryer off the top of the washer, then you’ve got to tip the washer machine up so that you can get underneath it and start taking stuff apart.

Anyway, today, as I was washing a load of laundry I heard the malfunction chime on my washer before it made it to the rinse cycle. I walk over and sure enough, it’s flashing “nd” which means it is not draining. I could tell it was draining just a tiny trickle (I could hear it) but it certainly wasn’t working as it should.

I eeked out as much water as I could, spun the clothes, drained them again (just a trickle) and got the clothes out. Then when Jer came home I broke the news to him. (Welcome home honey!!!) I told him he did not have to work on the washer right away-we had Cooper’s swim lessons tonight and had to leave pretty quick after Jer got home from work.  So when we got home tonight, he began the work.

There were a few words exchanged between my dear husband and the washer, but he fixed the problem. (My hero!) There was indeed a nickel stuck in the drain. (Take notes…that’s 5 cents so far.) So he puts everything back together and in it’s place. He mentions to me that the nickel caused a nasty and stinky water back up so the washer was a bit stinky and could use a rinse out.  I told him to just put a little bleach in there and start it and that should do it.

Jer puts the bleach in, starts the washer and comes to the dining room table to sit down and fill out a Christmas card with me. All the sudden, I hear water. I look up and there is water POURING out from underneath the washer machine! We RAN into the kitchen, stopped the washer and immediately moved everything we could and did the damage control necessary with almost every towel we own. Then we rolled up our pant legs and Jer cried. I’m just kidding…he didn’t.

We contained the water (and found a penny, that’s 6 cents now), moved everything back out of the kitchen, took the dryer off the washer and tipped the washer up. Whoops. Jer forgot to put a clamp back on when he re-attached the drain hose. Ooopsie. He had a few words with himself and the washer at this point.

He reattached the clamp good and proper and ensured all the other hatches were buttoned down etc.  Then he put everything back together. As we worked, we found an additional quarter which was on top of the washer machine (that puts us to 31 cents-almost there!). We cleaned up the gunk and the water from the spill and found a dime! YAY!

We made a whopping 41 cents on this repair. Wow. Thanks Maytag. He he he he..I then remopped my floor and threw the now sopping wet towels into the washer. Then we stood there and made sure we weren’t going to have a repeat issue. Jeremy flipped the washer machine the bird and I laughed at him.

And now…all is well. Just watch out for the spare change that seems to be floating around this place….


5 thoughts on “The Repair that Repays

  1. it’s good to have a sense of humor about these things, tiff! 🙂

    how annoying about the lack of filter, though. seriously, maytag. i’d be in trouble, given that i’ve found acorns in my washer before…

  2. Super fun story. I wonder if that’s the problem with our washer, too . . we just paid a little bit more than $.41 for our repair earlier this week (how about $75?) because a little, teeny, tiny sock was stuck in the pump. Nice.

  3. I can totally sympathize!! I have to run EVERY load in the washer twice and in the dryer thrice – is that a word? It takes me about 3 1/2 hours to do one load!!

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