Tomorrow marks my 31st week of pregnancy-AH! I’m really starting to feel it these days too. Tonight I am tuckered out! It’s funny to see how all the sudden my energy level has gone way down. I feel about as big as a house too. But that’s to be expected I guess huh?

This weekend was lots of fun; we went to a Christmas tree farm with some friends and then out to pizza afterwards. We put up a fake tree at our house (since we’ll be heading out of town in a few weeks), but it was still fun to go to the farm with everyone.

The Nevil Family at Hunter's Christmas Tree Farm
The Nevil Family at Hunter's Christmas Tree Farm

This week marks the first of many busy weeks for our family this month. We’ve got swimming lessons, Bible study, a church meeting, an Army get-together, MOP’s, a MOP’s Christmas party, and the list seemingly goes on in my head. Tonight is the only night I’ll be home all week! I don’t like weeks that work out that way but then again, it sure makes December go by quickly.

Our Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree

 I heard there was a little snow on the ground in St. Louis this past week! I’m so jealous! Can’t wait to be home and FREEZE. It’s been downright balmy here in Washington…upper 50’s and damp. Well, now that I’ve reverted to talking about weather…I’m going to go relax for the evening while I can!

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