On Saturday, our friend’s the Hendersons held a birthday party at the skating rink on post for their daughter, Ashlee’s, 4th birthday. We were invited and were really excited to see how Cooper did on skates….plus little Ashlee is just too cute!

Well, he did great! I was actually incredibly surprised at his whole attitude. Usually, Cooper is the kid who likes to watch what everyone else is doing first, then he jumps in after a few minutes. I know I’ve called him the “I-Can’t-Do-It-Kid” on more than one occasion here and I was just sure it would be that way at the party.  I should’ve given him more credit though; he’s been doing better at just jumping in and figuring things out as he goes. He did really well and had a positive attitude about the whole thing-even when he fell he was ready to get back up and try again. We did switch from the skates that really roll to the ones that lock so that he could at least get out there and walk/dance around. But after a while, he wanted the rolling ones back on so he could try again!

Of course, I forgot my camera (WHAT?!), so I don’t have any adorable pictures of him skating…Sorry! But Steph took lots of pictures of the party, so check out her blog and I’ll betcha you’ll see a couple this week!

Thanks for inviting us Hendersons and Happy Birthday Ashlee!

In other news, Cooper is signed up to start a swimming class at the Y for the next 8 weeks! It’ll be a little bit of a schedule buster for us…we’ll be gone a lot during the week nights. But I think at the same time it’ll be a fun thing for him to experience. I’ll be sure to bring my camera and get some pictures (if they’ll let me) to post here of his progress! Oh yeah, this is one of those classes where I’m not with him! YIKES! He just goes to class without me! What a milestone in this kids life…


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