Tonight, we ran to Wal Mart…awww…good ol’ Wally World.  It was so funny to see the Christmas stuff coming out, all the while the Halloween stuff is on clearance. They even had Christmas music playing in the store.

I can’t say I mind; Christmas is on my mind and heart too. But it isn’t there because of the “stuff” so much as it is for the warm and fuzzy feelings that swell up in my heart as I think fondly about all the things I love about the holidays. There’s wasail, family, snow, kids, pretty lights, cookies, lots of food, decorations and a sense of joyfulness and love all around!

This next month we plan to head out with a large group of friends (much later in the month) to a cut-your-own Christmas tree place. We do a fake tree, just because we will be out of town for quite a while. But hey, there’s always fresh swag…. I’ve told Jeremy that once we get settled down again, post-Army, I want to have the biggest tree our house can handle!

Cooper is noticing the Christmas stuff too. As we were talking in the car a few weeks ago, he asked me if it was time for Christmas yet? I told him no, not yet. He said, “I know! Maybe when we get home, we can go in the house and it will be Christmas!” Ha ha ha ha…he’s so cute. He knows how the house explodes at Christmas time.

In other news, Jeremy’s 30th birthday is coming up this next week, Veteran’s Day in fact. We laugh ever since we joined the Army about how funny it is that he was born on Veteran’s Day and is a soldier. Kinda ironic? Marsha (his mom) and I have been scheming since early this spring about a possible surprise visit from her. Jeremy always jokes that his mom is busy the last couple years on his birthday. So this year we conspired against him!

Today, I told Jeremy I was having lunch with Crystal. But really I was picking his mom up at the airport. When we got home, Jeremy needed to get back to class so I knew he’d be in a hurry. I parked the car in front of the garage and told Marsha to get out and just run in the house. Cooper and I chased after her just in time to see her knocking on the back door (it had closed and locked accidentally) and watch Jeremy’s face as he came to the door and saw his mom standing there. It was priceless. His face was so surprised. So now, we are enjoying our surprise visitor and celebrating Jer’s 30th.

We’re having a Notre Dame party for him tomorrow (complete with a Notre Dame game on ESPN!) to celebrate. I’ll get pics up sometime this weekend!


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