I know it’s totally bad blogging form to be blogging on the weekend as much as I have…but it’s my blog! I just finished watching Baby Mama…HILARIOUS! But it got me thinking…I want cute maternity clothes like Amy Poehler! Now, this is not to say that all my girlfriends who have loaned me their maternity clothes don’t have cute ones…but the clothes she was wearing were so sassy!

Generally I feel frumpy and very round…and rather old. I want to feel cute, sassy and tres chic! (Though I do have a couple outfits that I always feel cute in.) This is not compliment fishing I assure you, I’m just saying that Motherhood Maternity needs an Amy Poehler line. Even Ann Taylor Loft’s stuff is looking a little too boring.

And this reminds me…Jeremy has a big Army ball on December 13 and I’m in need of a dress…a fancy one (or one that could be dressed up) and it needs to be a maternity dress. I’m checking ebay but if you girls know something I don’t, now is the time to fess up!

Don’t forget to set your clocks back tonight!


5 thoughts on “Cute Maternity Clothes Need Apply

  1. Hi spotted your blog and love it !
    Honestly this isn’t a shameless plug but i own Mama Feelsgood an on-line maternity and breastfeeding T-shirt company based in Bristol, UK. We try to bring a funky fresh approach to maternity & breastfeeding clothes, anyways if you need something to cheer you up in your pregnancy just give us an email and we can hook you up with something 🙂
    Take care, liz

  2. I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but I have a dress that might work…look at my blog, it’s the one I’m wearig at Steve’s graduation.

  3. I totally hear you, girl! I got so sick of my maternity clothes by the end, I wanted to throw up. I think the only dress I have is pretty summer-like. I have a black dress that was pretty fitted on me that I wore for one date . . . it has long sleeves and is above the knee.

  4. Hey gang! Thanks for your comments everyone. Actually, my Army Girls just let me know that the ball is being moved to April. So glad I didn’t buy the dresses I was looking at on ebay this weekend—I was soooo close! WHEW!

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