As mentioned in several previous posts, my parents were in town for a couple weeks (they just left today đŸ˜¦ ). We decided a little weekend getaway would be fun, but the weather was going to be lousy state-wide. We talked about going to the beach-Canyon..or Cannon beach (I can’t remember the name now!) in Oregon, Port Angeles and Squim or maybe we should go to the mountains?  The mountains won out because everyone around here says that the drive up is so lovely in the fall. And by now we’ve learned a little rain never hurt anyone.

So off we went to Leavenworth. My dad rented this dope car-a Ford Flex 2009. It had 3 rows of seating and was crazy roomy-not to mention that it drove so smoothe, was very quiet on road noise and had great power and turning radius. What a car! I’m not ususally a Ford fan, but it was a well-suited car for all of us and our trip. I have had a little case of motion-sickness off and on throughout this pregnancy and I got it bad on the way up. But thank goodness for Rite Aid! We stopped and got some snacks and Dramamine and we were on our way again!

The drive was indeed very beautiful. We took hwy 2 up and we couldn’t stop gasping at the colors. The pine trees were such a deep green and when you saw the pretty colors of all the deciduos trees (that’s totally a 3-dollar word; did I spell it right?) itermingled in, it took your breath away. It was like a paint pallette had been spilled down the sides of the mountain. The yellow trees were like electric sunshine they were so bright!


We stopped a lot along the way to snap a few photos. I wish I had gotten more, but it was POURING down rain on the way up. It was such a pretty drive. I want to go back in the summer time, roll up my jeans and walk barefoot through all those waterways! It was so beautiful!

Once we got to Leavenworth, we walked all afternoon around all the fun shops and restaurants. We had lunch – Beef Goulash and hot tea – and it was a heavenly afternoon.

I was really impressed with how pretty the town was and how everyone was dressed up in German garb. There were so many sights and sounds and oh…the smells! I got a couple fun shots of me and my mom etc. Here is that long-awaited belly shot!

This next picture is us at dinner at Der Bauer Haus that night. For the pics of our authentic meal, check out our flickr site! It was very different, but good. My dinner looks super gross-but it was amazing!

A rare shot of JUST me and Jeremy! (Well,…I guess technically Chase is in this picture too huh?) This is my favorite picture though. Us behind a big wall mural outside this sausage haus shop. I’m thinking this picture has Christmas Card potential…

I took like, 138+ pictures of our trip. So if you want to see the full gament, again, check out the flickr site. While we were walking around the shops, we saw this child’s t-shirt hanging up. I laughed so hard! I think it should’ve come in a maternity size for mommies too.

By the way, did I mention it was “festival” in Leavenworth this weekend? This whole month they are celebrating Oktoberfest. We had fun seeing all the mix of different people that were in town. Lots of party people, but still whole bus loads of retired people. We laughed at how diverse the age groups were but it really seemed to add to the fun of things. There was a parade on Saturday afternoon and we got to see that. We saw the bier cart rolling down the street that held the official keg which would be tapped to mark the start of the Oktoberfest. It was just so fun!

Other highlights of the weekend included our fearless son attempting to climb a rock wall,

and of course, eating all the yummy food. We stopped at the Gingerbread Factory and had an early morning treat, we had fudge, my parents bought some AMAZING Gouda cheese from Holland that was just to die for, we had some dried sausages, and just oodles of other goodies. We’re such a foodie family! Here’s a shot of us in line at this great place we went for lunch on Saturday.

Anyway, I’ve got tons more pictures and I could go on and on. But it was fun! Here is a sweet shot of my mom and my dad at dinner Saturday night to leave you with. I miss you guys already!

And if you ever have thought about going to Leavenworth, go! But don’t bring a big stroller…

One thought on “A Fun Weekend in a German Town

  1. So fun! Except, I have to say that as a “local” when I was growing up there, we hated Leavenworth! We were rivals with Cascade High School for sports and trying to drive anywhere near there in the summer is a nightmare because of all the tourists! But, it is fun to go up there, especially in December with all the Christmas lights and the snow!

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