As I’ve been mentioning, I’ve got the ‘rents in town from St. Louis this week. As much as all of us here wanted to watch the debates tonight-especially since they were in good ol’ St. Louie (WOOT!)-we went out to dinner and got home late enough that we were too tired to stay up watching them. Plus, Jeremy and I had a bunch of stuff we needed to do before we go out of town tomorrow. But have no fear, the DVR is here! I think either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon we’ll watch them. Until then, it’ll be good to hear what all the peeps in the rest of the world think. I’ll post later what I think, so in the mean time I can’t wait to read all your blogs on the subject!

In other news, I had a doc appointment today.  Everything was ok, however, they were concerned about one thing. I am 22 weeks prego, but my tummy is measuring 27 weeks. (Which I gotta say, it FEELS like he’s been growing the last couple days.) On the good end of things, that could just mean Chase had a really big growth spurt in the last couple of days or I have a little extra fluid in the placenta. On the bad or less good side of things, it could mean gestational diabetes. BLAH. I highly doubt that’s what it is. But regardless, I had to schedule another ultrasound (FUN! More pictures!) and I have to go into the lab tomorrow or next week for a 3-hour diabetes test.

The diabetes test is a fasting test where basically, they check my blood glucose levels every 1 hour for 3 hours to see if I have gestational diabetes. (Remember that I pass out when they take my blood? AND I can’t eat…hmmm, this should be fun. Hungry and losing blood….sorry, anybody have any cheese for this whine?) That will not be a fun test but at least I can just walk in and do it when I want. I choose early morning…I think the lab even opens at 7 so hopefully I can just walk in and get started.

Jeremy and I aren’t too worried, my weight gain has been really good (aren’t you all dying to know that info?) and I haven’t been swollen at all. Not that this means I couldn’t have it…but, I don’t think I do.

Anyway, it’s very late here and I’m exhausted. I gotta go to bed. We’re leaving for Leavenworth in the morning and staying overnight (in Wenatchee because holy cow those other hotel rates are CRAZY!). We’ll be home hopefully by afternoon on Saturday. Hope you guys have a fun weekend. Anyone doing pumpkins?


One thought on “VP Debates Will Have to Wait and Prego Update…

  1. that’s fun that you went to Leavenworth. I am from Cashmere, so you passed by it on your way to your hotel in Wenatchee. If I had known before you went, I would have recommended stopping at my dad’s cute little pharmacy and getting an ice cream soda!

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