Baby Stuff

Having Grandma in town means getting stuff done and cooking yummy things. My last post was all about the yummy things we cooked so now let’s talk about getting stuff done. We went into the abyss….I mean the garage and pulled out Cooper’s baby stuff, hauled it in the house, and took it all out.

This is probably one of the most fun things for me, knowing I’m having another boy and get to pull all this stuff out. It was hilarious looking through it all. First of all, it smelled really good- go figure. Second, a lot of this stuff was hardly used! It was fun to walk through my memories of Cooper as a baby and remember all the outfits he never actually got to wear because either the season changed too quickly or he grew too quickly. I couldn’t believe how much stuff still had tags on it! HA!

But it was fun to see the itty-bitty stuff. SO CUTE! There was a lot we didn’t get out…this picture is only the stuff that goes 0-9 months. We got it all organized and got it ready to put in Chase’s room. We have a trip to Ikea planned this week to pick up some closet organizers, a dresser, and some other fun things. It’s so fun to be putting another room together!

Grandma is in Town!

My mom is currently in town from St. Louis…hence my blogging absence. But that doesn’t mean blogging isn’t on my mind!

In my family, we like to do (and always end up doing) 2 things; cooking and talking about cooking. These are some tasty halloween/fall cookies we baked up using Nigella’s “How to be a Domestic Goddess” recipe for sugar cut out cookies. They were awesome! And yes…I think one day I’d like to be referred to as a domestic goddess…but alas, I haven’t arrived!

Those are kitty-cats and ghosts by the way. Cooper really loves to cook with us and that’s a blast. Sorry I don’t have a pic of him and Grandma rolling these bad-boys out. But it was cute. We did have to tell Cooper to stop eating the cookie dough scraps…he’s a kid after my own heart.

My mom also came touting some new recipes. We whipped up a batch of homemade apple butter that cooked in the CROCK POT! It is so amazingly good. I can’t believe it in fact. I had major doubts. But, we’ve already eaten one jar of it and are on our second. Mmmmmmmm

These are the apples and such in the crock pot just as we started them. They cook for about 5-6 hours and basically turn into the most heavenly mush EVER! My toast never had it so good I tell you. This will be a great Christmas present for sure!

We did a bunch of other stuff too…but I figured after the last couple posts, you guys could use something shorter to read! Sorry for my long-windedness!