How cute is this set? Well, I was going ’round and ’round about what I liked for Chase’s room. I didn’t want anything that had a “theme” per say, like we did with Cooper’s room and airplanes. I just wanted something simple and cute. That way, when we are done with our Army gig and move into a house, he will be old enough to choose (or we will know him well enough to choose for him) some kind of “theme” for his room.

So, mom/grandma and Coop and I were at Marshalls today. Let me just stop here and say I LOVE MARSHALLS forever and ever amen. We found this darling set at a steal price and we didn’t know how great of a deal it was till we came home and looked it up.

We looked up this JJ Cole crib set called “green tiles” and found it retails for about $170.00! Guess how much we paid for it? (Well, Grandma bought it for Chase.) $60! AHHHHHH! What a steal! And we are mix-matching such cute stuff to go with it! Currently, I am loving the accessories and wall decals for Amy Coe’s Simply Swirls sets-even though they don’t technically “go” with it. I think they look fun!

How cute is this stuff? I’m just dying. Mom and I are having so much fun. And check out this dope thing we found. A diaper caddy?

It’s so cute and functional! What an idea…not like I couldn’t make a basket and do the same thing, but you know.

So anyway, had to share that cute stuff. Babies R Us even has these fun decals that are chocolate brown swirls like the background on one of those wall art puppy pics. Too fun! It’s so fun planning for a new baby!

4 thoughts on “Chase’s Crib Set and Decor!

  1. How cute!!!!! Sounds like so much fun….glad you are having such a great fun and productive time and I’m sure Grandma is too!

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