Having Grandma in town means getting stuff done and cooking yummy things. My last post was all about the yummy things we cooked so now let’s talk about getting stuff done. We went into the abyss….I mean the garage and pulled out Cooper’s baby stuff, hauled it in the house, and took it all out.

This is probably one of the most fun things for me, knowing I’m having another boy and get to pull all this stuff out. It was hilarious looking through it all. First of all, it smelled really good- go figure. Second, a lot of this stuff was hardly used! It was fun to walk through my memories of Cooper as a baby and remember all the outfits he never actually got to wear because either the season changed too quickly or he grew too quickly. I couldn’t believe how much stuff still had tags on it! HA!

But it was fun to see the itty-bitty stuff. SO CUTE! There was a lot we didn’t get out…this picture is only the stuff that goes 0-9 months. We got it all organized and got it ready to put in Chase’s room. We have a trip to Ikea planned this week to pick up some closet organizers, a dresser, and some other fun things. It’s so fun to be putting another room together!

2 thoughts on “Baby Stuff

  1. I LOVE getting baby stuff ready when there’s a little one on the way. So fun that you’re able to use Cooper’s old clothes, etc!

    So, his name must be Chase? Cute! That was one of Matt’s favorites this last time around.

  2. Hopefully Cooper wasn’t a spitter-upper, that stuff doesn’t even show until years later when you pull it out of storage and then yellow stained onesies you didn’t put in the box show up!

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