Jeremy and I truely know that we say weird and sometimes dangerous things because our son loves to repeat them back to us. Somehow it’s no biggie when we say these words and phrases, but when a 3 year old says them, it just sounds wrong in so many ways.

The other night, Jeremy was picking out which books we’d read before bed with Cooper. He grabbed a book and said, “how ’bout this one, bud?” to which Cooper replied, “Naaahhhh, that one’s weak sauce”.

I also have learned that I need to watch my mouth a bit with my um, descriptive words shall we say. My friend Tiff Boren (a.k.a. the OT; other tiff) dropped by my friend Crystal’s house the other day when I was there at a play date with Cooper.  She showed me the decorations we’d been talking over for the MOPs tables and I shouted out “THOSE ARE SO FRICK’IN CUTE!”. We all squealed over the cute things forgetting (well at least I did) that there were perky-eared children in the room. I took this center piece home that afternoon and Cooper wanted to hold it. When we were loading up in the car, Cooper said, “Mommy, this is so frick’in tute”.

Ohhh…momma better watch that one. All the way home I reminded myself that “frick’in” is not a nice modifyer and I should stop using it immediately. I worked on deleting that from my vocabulary…


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