Update! Ok, we’ve decided on a name….drum roll please….his name is Chase Evan Nevil! It means “hunter”. We finally decided it won out because I had been praying for a while now that if it was a boy that he would “chase” after the Lord! That helped the decision along a bit!

Today, at 2:00 pm (well…it was more like 3:00 pm when we found out…) we had the distinct privelege of meeting our sweet baby! We have lots and lots of pictures…I didn’t scan all of them because a lot are similar etc. Check out our flickr site for the full range. In the mean time, here is a good overview of baby Nevil!

I love this picture; it is one of my favorites. But, this picture is tricky; it’s the lips/nose. If you cock your head to the right and stare at it for a while it should pop out at you. This is the front of baby’s face with a shadow over the eyes. So all you see is the chin, the mouth and the nose with the nostrils. Super sweet shot-so peaceful!

And now…well, how ’bout that shot you are all waiting for?

It’s a BOY!

We are currently trying to decide his name. I know, this should be easy…but we have 2 that we really like and they wouldn’t work together in one name combined. So, we are trying to decide. I feel like it is so final and it seemed like it was much easier naming Cooper. I’ll tell that story in another post after we figure out this baby’s name.

The ultrasound was really fun-especially since we’ve done this all before. Second time around is still just as fun as the first-though it’s different!  I have an ultrasound picture of Cooper in his room-his profile-and I always marvel at how 3 years later, my sweet boy has the same profile! It’s so special to see this baby’s profile and features and think of how he will look like this even outside the womb!

We are starving marvins, so more on all this later!


9 thoughts on “Introducing, Baby Nevil!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Being the mom of all boys is great! But naming them is not so great…especially after you’ve already done it once. You feel like you’ve used up the good one!

    Love the sweet nose/lips ultrasound pic. Those were always my favorite. I’m seriously getting a bit misty-eyed sitting here; my baby turns one next week!

  2. Congrats!! So exciting! I must admit, I scrolled down to the bottom immediately to see the boy/girl news. 🙂

    What does Cooper think of the pictures???

  3. Congratulations T & J. I must say, looking at the “chin nose” picture, it reminds me of the Emperor from Star Wars, but that has to be because I’m a geek! Guess we’ll be popping out the first babies this time!

  4. CONGRATS Tif! I’m so excited for you guys. What fun for Cooper to have a little brother to rough and tumble with. Is Jeremy disappointed? I know he wanted a girl. But how cool to have brothers. YAY. I’m so excited for you. And the pictures are just darling. I can’t wait to meet him for real!

  5. Wow, that is definatly a boy! how funny, Jeremy must be proud that his boy is so, wel, um….defined. Hunter was also like that, and we have it all on video of the doctor using the phrase “Hung like a race horse!” ha ha Very fun! Having two boys that close in age is great. I love it.

  6. Chase has Cooper’s nose and chin!
    We are very excited about our newest grandson. I am looking forward to showering him with lots of love and whatever he wants except for a “66” Mustang. We love and miss you, Tiffany,Jeremy and Cooper very much.

  7. I like his name, too! And it is a total blast having multiple boys, especially when they’re old enough to enjoy playing together. Slightly insane, but really fun. 🙂 Congrats again!

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