Well, my girls Kelli, Nicole and Dana all posted about Sarah Palin and I can’t just keep clogging up their blogs with my long-winded comments! I’m too excited; I gotta post too!

First of all, we watched Sarah Palin at the RNC last night too. Loved it! Loved her strength, her humor, her passion and her determination. She had a whimsicalness to her and I just enjoyed listening to her. (The jabs were a little over the top, but I partly attribute that to her speech writer and politics in general.) Loved this guys points on her speech too.

Nicole brought up a great point about how she absolutely BEEMED when she talked about her family. She did! I would even add that she was radiant as she spoke about them. And why shouldn’t she be? She has obviously worked her way up a tough ladder full of opposition in Alaska and do you think she did that without their support?

Several of my friends and of course, the media, brought up this point about her being able to handle such an office as a mom and still be the mom her kids need her to be. I see their point. But at the same time, I think that she has the support of her family. And let’s not forget that this is a 4-year term. Sometimes, great leaders choose to sacrifice something important for something important. (Notice I did NOT say that one thing was more important than the other; because they are equally important.)

Although I don’t think it is within me, I do understand the thinking behind the temporary struggles it absolutely will inflict on her family. If they are strong in their love for one another, strong in their faith, and if they have help, of which I’m sure they will, then yes, I think they can make it through these four years. I think they can make it and I think America would benefit from having someone with such a high level of integrity working in the white house and influencing politics.

As an Army wife, I think of it much like I think of a soldier’s family. A soldier feels called to serve, called to help, called to be a part of making a difference in the world, called to being an agent of good working against evil. They don’t want to stand by and watch their fellow Americans suffer; they want to be part of the effort to change circumstances. They do that at the sacrifice of their family-it’s a fact.

These men and women who serve our country give up YEARS of their childrens lives; they miss births, birthdays, joyful milestones in their children’s lives. They miss weddings and funerals and they do it because they believe so deeply within their souls that what they are doing is necessary and right. And we their families, we support them because we believe that a temporary sacrifice is acceptable for good. I’m generalizing here, I know all soldiers don’t feel that way. But most of them really do and they and their families are passionate about it.

Can you imagine what our world would be like if none of us gave up something important for something else that is important? Can you imagine if no one was moved the way these soldiers are moved? Can you imagine a world where good people of integrity do not step up having counted the cost and knowing what they could lose? I think more of us should consider what we could offer to help make our world a better place. {TANGENT: this is also why I love MOPs, whose motto is “better moms make a better world!”}

Man, that’s a scary thought to me-that’s end times stuff! So I support Sarah Palin and answer the critics to say that we should be commending her, supporting her and encouraging her – not criticizing her choice. And Dana, you are right too. What the heck? Don’t the men who serve our country love their children just as much as the women? Don’t the fathers of this country mean something to their children and to their wives? Do we EVER ask a man if his priorities are maybe out of whack because he didn’t clock enough hours with the family? (No, we don’t but we really should!)

Studies have shown that in the lives of children, the father is a hugely important role. Did you know that even secular psychology says that children glean their personal opinion and perspective of who God is from their own earthly Fathers?

Ok…whew, I’ll step off my soap box now. You guys feel free to weigh in or post on your blog if you feel long-winded too!

Finally, I just want to say I am so proud of the mommas for speaking out. You girls are so smart and so witty and so well-spoken! I am so proud to call you my friends. We are educated, intelligent and incredibly capable and gifted young women with a voice and an impact! Keep talking girls! I love it!

PS. Oh and loved seeing Palin’s youngest daughter licking her hand to smooth down her baby brother’s hair! so priceless! ha ha ha ha!


3 thoughts on “Weighing in on Sarah Palin

  1. I’ve been waiting for your post on last night’s speech! I have lots to say, but have decided to keep it off my own blog (I can tell you why another time)…but I am liking her more all the time, and I think she was a brilliant choice, for many reasons. This election makes me nervous…but I really think Palin boosts McCain’s chances in a big way. I will say that I love 1)how real she is, 2)her conservative views particularly on abortion, 3)that she has stood up even to members of her own party. And more. Oh, and I agree that the mocking (along with that of Giuliani) was a bit over the top and have a feeling that will actually lose some votes…but overall, a great speech. The next couple of months will be interesting.

  2. You are awesome. Well said. Maybe next time I’ll just wait for you to post, then paste it into my own box and say, “Yeah, what she said!” Love you!

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