In World News on Russia…

“Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, in an interview with CNN, accused the U.S. of orchestrating the conflict in Georgia to provide a talking point in the American presidential campaign. The White House press secretary Dana Perino called the claims “patently false.”

“The report also quotes Putin as saying he suspects somebody in the U.S. provoked the conflict to give one of the candidates an edge in the U.S. presidential election. He apparently did not name a party or candidate, or provide evidence.”

That first one is a quote taken from the AP today and the second from a Fox news story. Seriously Putin…get over yourself. Here’s the Fox News story.

– Correction “Kitschy”

Update: Um…thanks Joe McGill for pointing out my poor spelling. I was a little agasp…I really thought I was a good speller. Oh well, I’m humbled. But I still like the urban dictionary definition better. 🙂


By the way, I thought I knew what kitchy meant, but when I looked it up in the dictionary, I got nothing! AH! I made up a nonsense word apparently. So in the Tiffany Nevil Random House Dictionary, the definition would be: adverb, describing something as country bumpkin or overly chotchkie-esque.

Ha ha ha~!!!

For definition of chotchkie, see Tiffany Nevil’s Random House Dictionary….