The other night on the presidential candidates interview Rick Warren did with McCain and Obama, he asked them an interesting question that I’ve been mulling over for a few days now. He asked them to define “rich” with a numerical value. McCain kinda dodged it and I laughed when he said someone who makes an annual income of 5 million.  Sorry…that’s comical and out there to me. But Obama’s answer wasn’t much better. He said someone who makes an annual income of 250,000. Seriously?

So it got me thinking, what number would I assign if I had to define “rich”? You guys tell me what you think and I’ll post in the comments once we get things rolling.

P.S. Now I know someone is going to go philosophical on me….so don’t. We know that rich doesn’t always mean or reference money..this is just light-hearted fun talk kids. K?


5 thoughts on “Define It…

  1. Tiff, you got me. I can’t answer this without a big philisophical discussion. Per American standards, I would describe “rich” as over 150,000. “Comfortable” over 70,000 a year. It’s all a relative thing.

  2. I believe anyone that has enough money to pay someone to pay their bills for them is rich!!!!! So, how much to “bill payers” make ; ). That should be part of the equation, yea? heheheheheehehe

  3. I think I always defined rich as 6 figures. But I know people who make 6 figures and they don’t live “rich,” so that kind of blows my theory. Maybe rich is people who make 7 figures…hmmm, I don’t know! Good question, Tiff.

  4. Ok, I seriously did this just for fun because it is very interesting to hear what a person’s perspective is on the matter. Jeremy and I had a fun conversation last night and I was surprised to hear his answer. My answer is 500,000 a year is rich. And too much below that, I seriously think is just white collar upper class. But Jeremy thinks that 200,000 (and he stressed in the mid-west) is rich.

    I agree with you Kelli, 5 million makes you dirty-filthy-stinkin’ rich…not just rich. That was a bit out there and cracked me up.

    Thanks for playin all you who played!

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