Last night, I was thinking about why I like the Olympics. Sure the battles are heated and intense and the level of athletecism is absolutely amazing. But what else is it?

It didn’t take long for some patriotism to rise up within me as I thought on this. And here’s where I landed: I feel like America gets dumped on all the time. Meaning, I’m sick of other countries and nations having nasty thoughts and words about America. We take it and never have anything to say back. We don’t sit around boldly talking trash about other nations. Around the world, other countries are burning our flag and talking about how we should just get lost. But when they need help, who is there to help them and look the other way on all the things that country has said about us or even done to us? Yeah, it’s us. You’re welcome. And a lot of times, they go right back to trash talking even after receiving our help.

We are a great country in my opinion. A young country though. We aren’t perfect; but show me a nation that is perfect. We don’t have the depth of history that some of the other countries like Germany and China have. But we are nonetheless, a great country. And when our athletes compete and let their incredible athletecism do the talking rather than their mouths, it shows our country’s character.

I’m speaking a bit about the mens 400m swim and the trash talking the frenchies did. But mostly, I’m talking about how well the American team handled the media throwing that trash talk right in their face. Not with words-but with action.

So while America may not always defend itself with words (like my heart sometimes wishes it would), it does one better; it defends itself with actions. Way to go USA!


4 thoughts on “American Olympic Ponderings

  1. Right on sista! That race was AWESOME and I was so glad that the boys shut out the frenchies in the most classic way – they just out swam them. I’m with you on the Olympics pride.

  2. Haven’t watched anything yet, but get what you say. Guess Michelle Obama was right when she said that “America is a down right mean nation”…. Guess the world will love us when President Obama is sworn in.. *** shudder ***

  3. You are exactly right….I was very proud of how the swim team handled themselves. I also was blown away by how well the Men Gymnasts did with all the naysaying about their inexperience, etc. They had some flubs (especially at the end), however they were totally awesome!

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