Hey everybody! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted! We’ve had a busy couple of days…which is a far cry from our normal gig. This past weekend, our HFG (home fellowship group/small group/Bible study) hosted a family fun weekend on Anderson Island. Crystal and Travis’ family have a cabin out there and we were all invited to come out and have some fun. We left Saturday morning and came home late on Sunday. It was a blast! I’d go so far as to say that I forgot you can have that much fun with your kids. (It sounds awful but it’s a good thing.) All the kids played so hard and had such a blast and all us parents had a grand time too. It was great!

Then yesterday was the big day for Jeremy,…”duh, duh, duuuuuuhhhhh”. He started his arabic class. So far it’s looking good and his daily reports have been really interesting. The class is small; like 6 soldiers and 2 teachers. They don’t sit at desks either; just a long conference table with comfy chairs (which is nice). For the first half of the class in the morning, they work on language, then the last hour before lunch is cultural stuff, then lunch, then language and then the last hour of the day is cultural again.  I think that’s a great idea because after 8 hours of language every day, my brain would be more fried than an egg on a sidewalk down south in the middle of august. WHEW!

Jeremy has been delightfully surprised I think by how the class is working out. He had homework last night and *gasp* Marsha, he DID his homework. He he he he…(I’m kidding honey). He did comment that it’s the first time he’s done homework in 10 years though. Like all language classes, he was given an “authentic” name and taught how to write it. I couldn’t tell ya what it is…but maybe he’ll leave a comment and tell ya.

Today is the second day into it and he says that already today he feels like he “gets it” better than he did yesterday. Thinks are clicking in that brain of his! I’m so excited and proud of him. The guys are teasing him in the morning during PT, but you know Jeremy; he can take it AND dish it out right back.

Coop and I tried to escape the heat today by going to the pool; it’s um…90 degrees today and we have no AC. Have I mentioned that enough yet? But I’ve found that closing the windows and the shades and the drapes seems to really keep the heat out. He is currently crashed upstairs and I’m avoiding my chores for the day here at the computer!

Alas, my chores are calling though. Oh but one more thing; I love M.O.P.s and I will be writing a post about that sometime this week. It’s just a huge blessing in my life….but more on that later.


One thought on “Busy Nevil Bees!

  1. I talked to Jeremy Monday night….as his mom I had to see how his first day of school went!!!! (He-He-He)! He said it wasn’t bad, his head was kind of swimming, but he had already done his homework!!!! That homework thing seems to take on a different meaning as we mature!!! I really believe God has great things in store for him with this, and I am VERY proud of him. I know he has great support with you Tiffany and feel very blessed. LOVE YOU!

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