Dear So You Think You Can Dance,

I understand that not having Debbie Allen available this year has left you hurting for a judge. But seriously, the “Oh-Mickey-You’re-So-Fine” gal? She’s the most awful, repetitive and dim-witted judge you’ve EVER had on the show. Watching her and listening to her comment made me want to hurl. I was seriously asking myself the entire time how many more times she was going to say someone was “street” and what other way she’d find to sound like she knows what she’s talking about when I’m pretty sure she knows nothing.

So, please, in the future and for the benefit of both the dancers (who all had a glazed over look on their faces while they had to endure her non-sensical rambling) and for your viewers, please oh please, do not have her back. Nigel…I’m really serious. We learn so much from the judges as they give their critiques that bad judges make us bad judges too!

Thanks so much,

A mega SYTYCD fan who cannot dance anything like they can

2 thoughts on “Nigel Lythgoe…please note this…

  1. Amen to that sister! I actually started giggling every time she said someone was street. She sounded so silly. Wish you were here so we could watch together because I love that show!

  2. I LOVEEEE this show, dad and I don’t miss it. (thanks goodness for Tvio) And I totally agree. I hit the mute everytime she opened her mouth! Who do you pick to win?

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