I’m feeling like the summer is coming to a close! We still haven’t gone swimming yet…but I fully intend to reckon that soon. The weather here in Washington is generally not condusive to swimming…unless you are in a heated pool. Jer and I really wanted to get to Wild Waves this summer. But maybe if we get a little warm up we can still make it. There’s about a month of summer left!

With that end of summer feeling also seems to come the end of my imagination. This is my second summer as a stay-at-home momma but the first summer that we haven’t been moving! I’m starting to wain in my ideas for how to keep both Cooper and myself busy. You can only be excited about riding a scooter to the mail box so many times…  We are within walking distance to 6+ parks/playground structures…so again I have no excuse. I’m just bored with my options I think!

So I’m trying to dream up some things for Coop and I to do that will entertain more than just Cooper! I even looked online at lists of summery-activities.  I know August is just a few days away and it’s going to be a fast month. But for now does anyone have any fabulous summer activities that they just really love doing to keep both mom and kiddos busy?

I guess I could always go roam at Target with some popcorn and a coke….he he he….


3 thoughts on “Beyond My Imagination…

  1. hey, lady! don’t dis the target, popcorn & coke fun…you could end up finding super cute, super cheap apron 🙂

    seriously, check out this blog (www.chasingcheerios.blogspot.com). she’s one of those moms that is crazy insane & does tons of super creative activities with her daughter. i’m totally hooked on her blog & it makes me wish i were a stay-at-home momma so i could do more of them.

  2. A couple of times this summer, we have gone down to the Tacoma farmer’s market. It’s on Thursdays, and if you park at the Tacoma Dome garage (free), you can ride the tram (also free), and walk from there. It’s not a huge market, but still fun. Travis loves the tram part. It’s really a fun outing.

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