This morning, Jeremy had to be at work at 5:15 am. He’s out at the range today all day and probably won’t be home until 11 or 12 tonight. Coop and I took him to work this morning, then came back home and back to bed. But at 7:30 am, my hubby sent me a text message. By now I was surprised I was still asleep because Cooper usually wakes me up before 7.

Here’s how our early morning texting went:

Jeremy: “You awake?”

Me: “I am now!”

Jeremy: “sorry, go back to sleep and call me later.”

Me: “k. is everything ok?”

Jeremy: “yeah”

Me: “not convinced”

…and the phone rings.

Jeremy proceeds to tell me that he has been assigned to the arabic language school by the CO (Captain). I was kind of stunned. Our friend, Patrick Casey, went through this school and it’s super tough. It’s a 10-month long intense language school with hours of homework EVERY night. And not only are they learning language, but they will be learning a lot of cultural things. It’s almost like a cultural class with an emphasis on conversational language skills. Additionally, it means that he won’t be participating in the training exercises or day-to-day duties that the guys in his platoon will be performing.

I asked him what he thought and at this point, we weren’t sure how things were going to go. We said we’d just pray about it and see how things went. But we both felt uneasy about it. He told me he had an interview with the Lt. Colonel/BC on Friday and didn’t know what to expect.

Well, come this afternoon, he told me he was taken out of the field and up to the BC for that interview! He was just told this morning that he would be doing this! He went in front of the BC and basically it lasted all of 2 minutes. The BC said, “So you want to be a language enabled soldier?” What the heck is that? As if Jeremy, a Specialist, is going to tell the Lt. Colonel no sir the CO voluntold me I would be doing this? Sheesh….

Jeremy and I haven’t had much time to talk about things and we are both kind of in shock and reeling from all this news. The nice thing is that the language school is literally down the street from our house. Jeremy can walk there. I don’t think it’s even 4 blocks from our house. It also means he won’t go to Yakima or be gone for that kind of training. But it does mean he’ll be gone every day of the week till 5 and he’s guaranteed hours of homework each night and over the weekend. He was told that “they” would be monitering his grades. That’ll make ya nervous right?

School starts August 5 and there’s no changing what’s been dealt from on high. Like I said, I’m in schock and not sure what this all means. Is it a good thing, a bad thing or just a thing? We aren’t sure and it’ll just have to play out for us to see it.

2 Things Jeremy said today were maybe this is a challenge that God is offering to him. A chance to show him that he can do more than he thinks he can do. And maybe this will encourage Jeremy to move towards taking more college classes and finish up his degree.

I can tell from just our quick phone conversations that he’s nervous and maybe even a little excited. It will look good on his resume in the civilian world, that’s for sure. But it’s a hard language to learn because it’s not a romantic language. It’s very contrary to what he knows. Can you imagine learning/mastering a language in 10 months? It took me YEARS to get to even a remotely confident conversational level with my french in highschool/college. YEARS!

Please pray for Jeremy and for me. Oh yeah…we also think this may mean that Jeremy will not go to NTC in California in February because he will still be in Arabic school. So one thing this answers is our question as to whether or not he would be home for baby #2’s grand entrance into the world. We like that idea. 😉


7 thoughts on “A Bizarre Twist in Our Story

  1. Hi Sweetie! I think it sounds fascinating! If I sign Rob up for this will they not actually SEND him to Afghanistan on Sunday. *please* OK, so that’s never going to happen. Anyway, a friend of mine did an intensive Arabic language school in six weeks. All she was allowed to speak, read or write for that time was Arabic! Good luck you two!

  2. Wow. That’s crazy and I’m sure a little unsettling, but also kind of cool. What a neat skill Jeremy will come away with and who knows why on Earth God may want him to speak Arabic, but it is certainly a useful thing to know in this day and age. We’ll be praying for you in this new transition. I am veeery glad, though, that he will be home for the birth. That’s a very good thing.

  3. Wow! That’s a lot to happen in one day, but I agree with you, it will be really exciting to see how God uses this in Jeremy’s life. You never know what he has in store. I’m sure this is something that is somewhat of an honor. They see that he would be a great “voice” for his group of men over there.

    Sidenote: Joe’s step-dad (Reda) is from Egypt, but now lives here. He’s an amazing Christian man, and is fluent in several languages. I’m sure he would love to be “on call” if Jeremy ever needs any help with homework. Email me if you want his email.

  4. WOW….I don’t know what to say!!!! You know that “I can’t do it child?” His father would get VERY upset if he couldn’t do something right away and would just give up and fuss. He must get it from both of you! Anyway, in a weird way Cooper’s moments of “I can’t do it” and Jeremy’s new “assignment” seem to kind of align…like I said, in a weird way. I know Jeremy can do anything he sets his mind to and God definitely has a plan in all of this. It will be nice for him to not have to go to NTC training…flip side won’t he still need that training? It’s nice that Patrick has gone/is still going through the training and could probably help. We will keep you ALL in our prayers.. LOVE YOU!

  5. I remember taking two years of college-level Spanish in 7 weeks when Jeremy was about 4 years old….I didn’t know if I could really do it. I worked hard….took away a B+ in the course and got to spend 17 days using conversational espanol in Mexico City and surrounding area….it was very cool to know what I was capable of. Granted, I was not in a combat zone or for that matter, ever concerned about my surroundings….but I am praying that God will use these next few months to help Jeremy realize just what he can do if he wants/has to.

    I am and will be praying for all of you during the next few months ahead…..I guess this means that Jerm will not be ready to go anywhere until sometime in June… that later than was expected? As far as I am concerned, this is a good thing….maybe this will also set him up for fast track promotions….a skill like this could be great not only for face to face interviews….but intelligence gathering… you know, something done by listening to recordings or phone conversations… reading intelligence that is gathered, etc……

    That sounds very good….!!

    Love you three,


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