Cooper’s 3rd birthday is this Sunday. I can hardly believe it on one hand and yet on the other, I sometimes forget he’s as young as he is! He’s gotten so big and he talks SO MUCH. Today his nickname is “Mr. 20 Questions” because he’s driving me nuts.

He’s driving me nuts because he is SO excited about his birthday party tomorrow. We are having a train party at a local park that just happens to be right next to very busy train tracks and the beach! (This is probably the only time in Coop’s life where he can say he had his birthday party at a beach park!) Anyway, today I am making cakes and cookies. My sister got me this SCHNAZZ cake pan from Williams-Sonoma. It’s one of those 3-D gigs with a fantastic vanilla cake recipe on back. 

Those cakes look pretty cute huh? My idea for Coop’s party was to make the cakes and then let all the kids decorate their own train car at the party with candy and icing. I couldn’t really think of any games we could play unless I brought Coop’s train sets to the party…and that just worried me that Coop would have a hard time sharing. I can see his crying face covered in icing so this is the next best thing without tears in my mind!

I know you will all chuckle at this but, I actually considered waiting until TOMORROW to make the cakes. I know, I know. I seem to have a very inbalanced perspective of just how much I can get done in the course of a few hours. So I quickly realized the total stupidity of such an idea and got to working on stuff today. Well, good thing I did because the first batch of the train cakes did NOT turn out so well. Go back up and look at the picture one more time…then check this out:

No, the camera is not out of focus. I freaked a little when I turned these bad boys over. Holy crap was the exact words going through my head over and over. So I reread the directions. Ok…so first batch I used Bakers Joy..the nonstick spray with flour in it. Therefore I did not flour the pan. Second time’s gotta be a charm. I used regular cooking spray and coated the tar out of the pan with flour, slid them in the oven and crossed my fingers.

TADA! Much better. WHEW! I was nervous there for a while! The second batch turned out much better than the first. Now I just gotta figure out what to do with the funky lookin cakes…Do I bring them to the party anyway in case people need a practice round? He he he….I doubt a bunch of 3 year olds will take the decorating as seriously as I would. 😀

So now I have a batch of train sugar cookies to make and the big chocolate cake complete with raspberries in the middle. Whew….wish me luck! I’m tired just thinking about it!


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