In case you haven’t checked out the latest and greatest on our flickr site, here is a taste of our July fun.

Coop and Ashlynn on a sweet ride at the Ft. Lewis 4th of July celebration.

Grandma braving the Johnson’s trampoline for the sake of her grandchildren.

Hanging with friends at the Johnsons Party.

Anxiously awaiting fireworks.

The long awaited fireworks!

Cute kids after lunch on Sunday

Oh…what a hunk!

One of the ships from Tall Ships Tacoma (what a blast!).

N’uf said.

This is the rediculous weather we experienced at Long Beach. Someone please explain to me how there can be so much fog at the beach and ONLY at the beach. Seriosly, 2 blocks up it was sunny and warm!

We HAD to take a short drive to Asoria, OR to see the town where Goonies was filmed! Here’s the house and I gotta tell you, the town looks just like the movie!

Well, that’s enough for now. If you want to see more than check out the flickr site!


2 thoughts on “July Fun (For all you picture lovers)

  1. So much fun….we had a BLAST with you guys!!!!! The trampoline was alot of fun, too….once you got your “trampoline legs” and the feel of it again (after VERY, VERY many years!)…and weren’t afraid you were going to land on the kids!!!!

    Love the picture on your header….that was one stinkin’ LONG bridge!!!!!!

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