It has been a busy 2 weeks in our family, as evidenced by my total lack of posts! My MIL, Marsha, and our niece, Ashlynn, came in town for a week and a half. Then, I had a planning retreat for M.O.P.s on Anderson Island this weekend. I came home last night feeling like all life had been drained from my body! I was so exhausted!

Then this morning, I was not feeling good, so we stayed home. I slept on the couch (after getting up with Cooper, taking a shower and getting dressed, etc) from 9:30 am to 12:23 pm. WOWZA! All I could do was apologize to the family. But the guys understood. They were sweet to let me sleep. Meanwhile, they played Monster Trucks on the computer and wrestled around.

We had a GREAT time with our family when they were here, and as usual, it made us a bit homesick. We did lots and lots of fun things; we went to Long Beach and Astoria, Oregon (WHERE GOONIES WAS FILMED!), we went to Tall Ships here in Tacoma, we went to Pike Place and we went to Tiptoe Through the Tidepools in Titlow Beach over there by University Place. Astoria was probably the coolest trip for me. It was a really cute little town but most of all, it was situated in the most beautiful location ever! It’s sandwhiched between the Pacific Ocean, the Columbia River plus two other smaller rivers. I’ll post pictures because it’s just amazing to see.

I haven’t uploaded our pics yet, but I promise to do so today and hopefully get them up shortly. The best part in all this has been Jeremy taking off work though. He’s been on vacation “officially” since July 7 and isn’t going back until Wednesday of this week. (Unofficially he’s been on vacation since the early afternoon on July 3!) It is very nice having him around and I’ll be sad when we really have to get back to life next week.

I’m totally out of touch with my email and everyone else’s blogs, so I’m going to go get caught up!


Jim Barnard….your blog is my favorite. I think you need to check out this blog though. It reminds me of you and Joe McGill. A lot.

I had 272 pictures to upload. The last of which are now 36% complete on my flickr upload as I type. Check ’em out!

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